What Is Drug Trafficking And Reasons Why People Get Involved In Drug Trafficking?

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  • Meaning Of Drug Trafficking
  • Reasons For Drug Trafficking

Meaning Of Drug Trafficking

The phenomena of hard drug and drug abuse constitute a major danger of social stability across the world. Drug trafficking which is the life wire of the drug phenomenon confounds all efforts by government, to eradicate the deadly scourge of drug abuse. Day by day, millions of Naira worth of illicit drugs are impounded and destroyed by drug law enforcement agencies at the sea ports, airports and on the highways, Yet, the phenomenon of drug trafficking remains unabated.

The hard drugs are a group of substances generally called illicit or prohibited drugs. They are dangerous to human health, hence, are prohibited by the law. The word illicit implies that they are unlawful and forbidden. This is why their production, sale, distribution and consumption are clandestine (done secretly). Examples of hard drugs are cocaine, heroine, cannabis or Indian hemp, which is also known as marijuana. When we talk of drug trafficking, we are about talking about the trafficking of hard drugs or the prohibited drugs.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking can be defined as trending or dealing in illegal drugs. It is also the act of hiding, conveying, or exporting of such dangerous drugs. In the drug chain are drug barons who sponsor the illicit trade, drug couriers who deliver drugs and the consumers.

Drug Producers – Drug Couriers or Drug Traffickers – Drug Consumers

Drug producing countries include Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Jamaica. Drug consuming countries, include countries of Europe and North America, while countries of Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa are transit routes for drug trafficking. They are also drug consuming countries.

Reasons Why People Get Involved In Drug Trafficking

1. It is a lucrative business and this makes it attractive to people who want to get rich overnight. The allure (charm or attraction) for ostentatious life of drug traffickers compel young graduates (men and women) abd big time business people to venture into drug trafficking.

2. Environmental influences such as poverty and unemployment are known to cause depression and anxiety in people, and may lead them into drug business.

3. Big time sports men and women spend a lot of money to buy drugs to enhance their strength and for speedy performance of activities. This encourages drug consumption and trafficking.