What Is Drug Abuse And Forms Of Drug Abuse?

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Meaning Of Drug Abuse

People use different drugs for different purposes, to restore health or cure an illness, relieve pain, induce sleep, enhance alertness, and increase energy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) “drug is a substance which when introduced into a living, can modify the state of equilibrium of the organism or one of its functions”. Generally, a drug is any chemical substance which is not food, and which when taken can alter the state of the mind of the user.

Drug are classified into licit and illicit drugs. Licit drugs are medical drugs. They are those drugs permitted by law for human consumption when a person is sick. They are usually prescribed by the medical doctors or qualified medical officials. They are drugs sold openly in the chemist and pharmacy stores. Examples are, panadol, paracetamol, multivitamin tablets, cough syrups, etc.

Illicit or hard drugs: They are also known as prohibited substances, because their production, consumption and distribution are done secretly and illegally. They are dangerous substances and are prohibited by the law. Users use them not to solve an known medical ailment but for other social purposes. Examples are Indian hemp, cocoaine, cannabis etc.

What Is Drug Abuse?

People may use drugs when they are sick. Some others enjoy drugs for social reasons like alcohol, kola nuts, coffee. But drug consumption must be medically prescribed. This is why the United Nations Drugs Control Programme (UNDCP) defined drug abuse as, “the use of drug without medical justification”.

Drug abuse is the use of drug that results in the weakening and dislodging of the mental, emotional and social state of the user. Drug is therefore abused when its use deviates or is not in line with medical approval or the social expectation of the people.

Forms Of Drug Abuse

Drugs, whether medical or illicit or the traditional herbal medicine are prone to abuse.

The forms of abuses are:

1. Taking drugs without doctor’s prescription.

2. Using of unlawful drugs like Indian hemp, cocaine, heroine which are known as hard drugs.

3. Taking overdose of medically prescribed drugs.

4. Consumption of expired drugs.

5. Using herbal medicine which may not be well preserved, whose dosage is not specified and expiry date not stated.

6. Keeping drugs within the reach of children such that they take them without guidance.

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