What Is Collective Responsibility? Definition And Meaning (All About It)

Collective responsibility is a feature or parliamentary system of government. Cabinet meetings are held regularly and decision taken are not published. It would be a branch of the officials secrete act of a minister to reveal what was discussed at any of the meetings, Although discussion is private, discussions are made plain on the actions of the government. For these decisions, all members of the cabinet are responsible. This is part of the “doctrine of collective responsibility”.

The policies of every department affects one another. Any member opposing government policies is expected to either withdraw what he has said or resign.

The decision of the government are binding on every member. Each member must also defend such decision in the public and in the parliament.

Again, if a minister has presented the government in a bad right, the parliament will pass a vote of no confidence and all cabinet ministers must resign. Similarly if the prime minister who is always the chairman of the meetings dies or resigns, the whole members of the council of ministers must resign with him and the government automatically ceases to be in power while queen or president is called upon to formally dissolve the parliament for a fresh election.

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