What Are The Purpose, Functions And Problems Of Marriage?

Social Studies

Table Of Contents

  • Purpose Of Marriage
  • Functions Of Marriage
  • Problems Of Marriage

Purpose Of Marriage

1. Marriage offers respect and dignity to couples. Unmarried men and women of age are not respected by the society.

2. Marriage helps in the maintenance and sustenance of the society through child bearing.

3. Marriage brings together different families and this encourages extended relationship through marriage ties.

4. Marriage encourages inheritance and sustenance of the family lineage.

5. Marriage provides the couple with companionship which enable them to have emotional stability or support in times of difficulty and old age.

6. It promotes peace in the society as married couples are expected to be responsible citizens.

Functions Of Marriage

1. Marriage offers the couple certain emotional stability in times of difficulties and old age.

2. Marriage provides satisfaction of human sexual urge.

3. It gives the couple the right to have legitimate children.

4. Marriage provides an avenue to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

5. Marriage offers respect and prestige. This is because unmarried individuals are looked upon as irresponsible.

Problems Of Marriage

Marriage problems exist, and may lead to the dissolution of marriage. Some of the problems include:

1. Incurable mental ill health and other terminal diseases on the part of either couple.

2. Infertility or barrenness of either of the couple.

3. Religious fanaticism: This is where either of the couple becomes intolerant of the other for religious reasons or abandons his/her home due to strong religious belief.

4. Alcoholism which may lead to constant battering of either of the spouses.

5. Extra-marital affairs: This is where either of the spouses is unfaithful to his/her spouse by keeping other men or women outside his or her matrimonial home.

6. Economic and other financial problems: This is when the family breadwinner cannot sustain the family due to financial problems.

7. The interference of in-laws, or when members of the extended family do not allow the couple to take their own decisions.

8. Early marriage: The man or woman is not of age to get married. This leads to inexperience and immaturity in handling marriage problems.