What Are The Proper Ways To Clean Your Ears

Cleaning the ears is a good way of maintaining proper body hygiene and cleanliness. Most people leave their ears for long periods of time without
taking out time to clean their ears. When this is so, the wax in the ears will continue to grow and increase if they are not cleaned or removed at regular intervals.

People can cause problems to themselves by packing and accumulating excess wax in their ears. Excess wax comes with dangers such as blocking the ear and causing deafness to the ear or temporary deafness (inability to hear).
One may ask, what are the proper ways by which you can clean your ears and remove the earwax along with other particles in the ear.

Some people endanger themselves by using sharp objects such as matchstick, car keys, pencil, pen, broomstick, and other hard objects without knowing that these objects can pierce their eardrums and cause total deafness.

Here Are The Proper Ways To Clean The Human Ears

1. Consult the doctor to help you to clean your ears in his office.

Instead of using sharp objects to remove the ear wax, you can save yourself by consulting a good doctor to give you directives on how to clean your ears.

2.Soft Cloth:

You can get a soft cloth to clean the outer areas of your ear. Do attempt not to force the cloth inside your ear. Gently use the cloth to apply on your ears and clean the dust and dirt which must have settled in your ear.

3. Get a Cotton:

Man Using Cotton Swab To Clean His Ear

Using a soft cotton material such as a cotton bud is a popular way by which people use to clean their ears. The cotton bud can be used to clean the ears properly; it comes with cotton attached at the two ends of the stick. The stick enables the cotton to enter the ear channel and clean the deeper areas of the ear. Ensure that you do this softly as not to damage your eardrum.


They are some type of ear drops which can be used in cleaning the ear. These ear drops are sold in hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. Examples of drops which can be used in cleaning the ear are hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil, baby oil, Satine etc.