What Are The Poverty Alleviation Strategies Of The Nigerian Government?

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Poverty Alleviation Strategies Of The Nigerian Government

The Nigerian Government over the years has embarked on so many measures to alleviate poverty. Those measures include:

1. Provision of free and compulsory education through the UBE programme and the encouragement of science and technical education for self reliance.

2. The provision of so many skills acquisition programmes, to encourage self reliance and employment.

3. Provision of loans for small and medium scale enterprises.

4. Economic reform measures, such as privatization and commercialization policies.

The above are all geared towards the reduction or eradication of poverty, to increase job opportunities of government, companies and parastatals.

Poverty alleviation programmes of present day government in Nigeria include:

1. National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP).

2. National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies (NEEDS):

3. The SURE-P.

However, these programmes need effective supervision by government in order to achieve their objectives.

1. There should be regular payment of allowances to those who are engaged in skill acquisition programmes.

2. Loans should be given to trainees after training to set up their own businesses.

3. Government must ensure that poverty alleviation facilities and loans are not misappropriated by those in authority.

4. More skill acquisition centres should be provided to take care of our unemployed youths and graduates in order to reduce crime in our society.

5. Rapid-rural development to discourage rural-urban migration.

6. Establishment of industries to provide employment for school leavers. Here the private sectors should be provided with the enabling environment to flourish and create jobs for the citizens.

7. Free and compulsory education at all levels should be the ultimate policy goal of government. Education conquers poverty.

8. The SURE-P: SURE-P implies subsidy reinvestment and empowerment programmer. It was introduced by the federal government to alleviate the harsh effects of the subsidy removal from petroleum products. This programme must not be allowed to be another drain pipe of the nation’s resources. The Federal Government must ensure that those who are given financial aid under the programme do not see it as another national cake.

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