What Are The Consequences And Ways Of Preventing Drug Trafficking?

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Table Of Contents

  • Consequences Of Drug Trafficking
  • Ways Of Preventing Drug Trafficking

Consequences Of Drug Trafficking

1. Drug trafficking is an international crime which brings bad image to a country.

2. It encourages money laundering which is an international crime Money Laundering is an act of making or changing money acquired through dirty or corrupt or illegal means to look genuine. It is an economic crime against the nation. Money made from drug trafficking are invested in business to look genuine.

3. Some students drop out of school in order to engage in drug trafficking and when they are caught they go to jail. After serving jail terms, they become failures and constitute a nuisance to the society.

4. It encourages criminal and anti-social behaviours such as armed robbery, banditry, prostitution etc.

5. It attracts death penalty in some countries, like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya. In Nigeria, during the military regime of Gen.Buhari-Idiagbon, drug trafficking attracted death.

6. Many drug traffickers who swallow drugs as a means of concealment often die en route their destinations. The drug may dissolve in their stomach and kill them instantly.

Ways Of Preventing Drug Trafficking

1. Education: People should be properly educated on the dangers and consequences of drug trafficking.

2. Poverty Alleviation: Poverty alleviation should be the priority of every government. Jobs should be created for our young school leavers and graduates in order to eradicate or alleviate poverty which is a known cause of drug trafficking among young people.

3. Legislation: Effective and enforceable laws should be made with stiffer penalties and sanctions against offenders without discrimination. This can help reduce the incidence of drug trafficking.

4. International Co-operation: Nations should intensify efforts at co-operation to dictate and prevent citizens from consumption as well as the production of drugs. International co-operation should include exchange of ideas, techniques and strategies, extradition or deportation of convicts to serve jail sentences in home countries.

5. Moral Orientation: Good moral upbringing of our youths should be intensified. The school curriculum should be reviewed to include lessons on drug and drug trafficking.

5. War Against Drug Trafficking: Schools and colleges should establish clubs or societies that fight drug trafficking, while the law enforcement agencies like the NDLEA and NAFDAC should be more empowered and well equipped to fight drug trafficking.

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