What Are The Conditions For Marriage?

Social Studies

Those going into marriage must be careful before contracting it because marriage is not “a bed of roses”. If contracted without proper considerations, marriage can break down sooner than later. There are certain requirements and considerations to be taken by potential couples.

(1) Character: There is need for would be couples to know themselves well and understand the character of one another before getting involved.

2. Physical Fitness: This is important but must not be given an undue consideration, Rather love, trust, tolerance are critical factors to look out for. After all, a blind man can marry a woman who is not blind.

3. Age And Mental Fitness: Age difference should not be a barrier to a successful marriage. Age differences between couples must not be too wide. The couple should be of age to face the challenges of married life. It is not advisable to encourage a marriage when either of the partners is mentally ill and unfit.

4. Genetic Considerations: This is a very strong factor. Medical tests help to determine whether the couple to be can be compatible or not. HIV and Aids, sickle cell anaemia cab be detected in time through medical tests. In the past, these factors were not considered before people got married. Failure to have a thorough insight of the genetic traits may cause some serious impediments to marriage.

5. Financial Readiness: Both partners should have some reliable means of living, in order to solve family obligations when they get married. The couples should be adequately equipped to face and resolve financial issues in marriage. This factor relates more to the man.

Effects Of Lack Of Readiness On Marriage Relationship

When people go into marriage when they are not ripe or ready for it, the following consequences may arise:

1. Inability of the couple to cater for the responsibilities of marriage.

2. Constant quarrels and fighting among couples.

3. Children arising from the marriage are abandoned and uncatered for.

4. Broken marriages may result – a big problem to the society.

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