What Are The Causes Of Drug Abuse And Ways Of Preventing And Discouraging Drug Abuse?

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Table Of Contents

  • Causes Of Drug Abuse
  • Ways Of Preventing And Discouraging Drug Abuse

Causes Of Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse can be caused by the following:

1. Poverty: Most poor people are unable to go to the hospitals for proper medical care. They patronize quacks and in the process may buy fake drugs.

2. Illiteracy: Due to illiteracy some people cannot read or interpret the dosage of the drugs they buy from shops. They end up abusing drugs through overdose, under dose or use of expired drugs.

3. Lack of parental care has lead several children to become drug addicts.

4. Copying Adults And Peers: Most youths who take hard drugs imitate their peers and some adults around them.

5. Curiosity: Some children take to dangerous drugs out of curiosity. To satisfy their curiosity, they taste the drugs and may continue from there.

6. Feeling High: Oftentimes, young people have the wrong notion that hard drugs make people to feel “big” or “high”. They therefore take drugs to show off or as “big boys”.

7. Keeping Drugs Within The Reach Of Children: Some parents, guardians and other adults keep medical drugs within the reach of children. Such children often take the drugs unguarded.

8. Use Of Herbal Medicine which has no stated dosage, date of manufacture or expiry.

Ways Of Preventing And Discouraging Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse is known to have caused sorrows and suffering to many families and society in general. It should therefore be prevented and discouraged in the following ways:

1. Parents should take proper care of their children and also counsel and monitor them.

2. Teachers and guidance counsellors should educate students properly about different types of drugs and the consequences of abusing drugs.

3. The school should invite agencies like the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the National Agency For Food And Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to talk to students on drug abuse and their activities in preventing and controlling it.

4. The State and Local Governments should organize seminars and talks for parents, on the need to care and monitor their children, to prevent them indulging in drug abuse.

5. Newspapers, radio and television programmers should be used to discourage the sale and use of harmful drugs.

6. All drugs whether harmful or not should not be kept within the reach of children.

7. Societies for the prevention of drug abuse can be formed in schools to educate students on the dangers of drug abuse and the need to identify drug users for proper counselling.

8. Citizens should be made to know that the use of drugs not prescribed by qualified medical experts is dangerous.

9. The purchase of drugs from the open market, along the streets etc, is dangerous.

10. People should not take overdose or expired drugs or drugs without dates.

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