Vegetable Crops: Uses Of Vegetables

Vegetable is a plant raised for edible part of it, Such as Leaves, fruits, roots, or Flowers. The are called “Vegetables” because they are useful to us.

Names Of Leaf Vegetables.

1. Amaranthus

2. Indian Spinach

3. Telfairia

3. Water Leaf

4. Lettuce

5. Bitter Leaf

6. Pumpkin Leaf

Growth Habits Of Leaf Vegetables

Some Leaf Vegetables Climb. Others do not. Examples Of vegetables that climb:

a. Pumpkin

b. Okro

c. Pepper etc

Names Of Fruit Vegetables

1. Melon

2. Tomato

3. Okro

4. Garden egg

5. Pepper

6. Pumpkin

Uses Of Vegetables

We can use vegetables in many ways. Some Can be cooked as soup. Some can be eaten raw. Others can be used to make salad…

i.e: Eaten Raw, Salad, Soup etc…