Whenever people come across the word farming , the subsequent factor that commonly come to their minds is is cultivation of crops and rearing of animal that when sold can make a huge profit.

In Nigeria people shy away from farming/agriculture because they see it as a dirty and hard work which is meant for rural villages only.

But regardless that farming is a dirty work, a lot of people are still making a decent living from if done properly.

Here are some farming/agricultural activities that can make you a decent living

  • Livestock Farming.
In this type of farming all that is needed is a low startup capital to buy livestocks when they are still little, raise them with and sell them when they are grown at a decent prize and make lots of profits.
  • Snail Farming.
The procedures involved in this type of farming is related to that of livestock farming because you get to raise snails and sell.
  • Crop Farming
In this type of farming all you need to do is to grow crops especially cash crops, vegetables, fruits and sell it at affordable prize and make lots of profits. This type of farming requires land a little or no startup capital.

Many people both young and old are making lots of money in tailoring. All needed in this you will need to find a professional that would teach you how to how to sew any design of your choice be it male or female designs. After learning people will want you to do their jobs and will also pay you handsomely

A lot of people also make money by photography. To be a photographer you will also need to go and learn from a professional so as to be able to take good photographs people would like. After you finished learning photography, you will need to start going to different occasions,ceremony and programs so as to photograph people and get your pay.

Beads/Craft Making.
This is a very creative handiwork where people make different/designs of bead, sell them and make a lot of money.

This is another business that make a lot of profit. Everyone both male and female wants to look good.So in this case, you make people up or beautify them and get your pay.


The business of providing food and related services. You get hired to make food and other related services in ceremonies, occasions and programs and make money.