Top 25 Hot Business Ideas For Beginners In Ghana

The benefit of starting your own business certainly outweighed any constraint you may experience at the beginning.

To make things lot more easier for you, We are putting up well researched hot business ideas that any serious entrepreneur from any background can work on.

These are not some random junk business ideas listed in alphabetical order just to make up numbers.

This list contains carefully selected, time tested, latest trending business opportunities you can work on.

And we take it further by elaborating on how to start each of the top business ideas mentioned on this list.

As a home grown entrepreneur , We understand that starting a business anywhere in Ghana is difficult, and coming up with reliable idea is even much more difficult.

Sometimes, it takes countless of searches and researches to come up with hot business ideas.

Throwing countless of resources on your face isn’t going to help you discover any business idea, it will rather complicate things for you.

Therefore, In no particular order, We present to you the top 25 hot business ideas in Ghana that works.

Follow the corresponding links to get further details about any suggested business idea on this list.

Recommended Hot Business Ideas For Beginners

1. Online Advertising Agency

Online advertising is fast taking over from TV advertising
and it is projected that there will be more people
advertising online and more revenues generated in online
advertising than the TV ads.

Setting up online
advertising agency helps you leverage on this massive
growth. And the business is foolproof.

2. Home/Office Cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the most beautiful habit that sustains

But not everyone has the habit, and more and
more people are becoming too busy to keep their homes
and offices clean.

Employing a cleaner has become the next
viable options towards maintaining clean environment.

Most companies and homes outsource cleaning to the
cleaning agent.

Setting up a cleaning services business is a sure bet to
attract qualified paying customers on consistent basis.

It is
a business that has 98 percent chances for survival and

3. Grocery Store/Supermarket

You can start small and increase your size and capacity
over time.

Setting up Grocery store in your neighborhood is
ideal business opportunity for many reasons.

It sells daily
consumables that guarantees your customers coming again
and again for repeat sales.

4. Public Relation (PR) Services

PR services is fast gaining ground worldwide.

In this line of
business, popular celebrities and top businesses are your
prospective clients.

If you are qualified in this field and
good at what you do, public relation business is a sure

5. Writing Business Plans and Resumes

A good number of people out there who desires to go into
business or look for jobs simply don’t know how to go
about writing good business plan and job resumes.

prefer to hire experts to do the writing for them. Are you
good in writing business plans, this could just be your

You can set up a business consulting firm that will
specialize in writing business plans and resumes, as well
as render other consulting services.

6. Selling of Wrist Watches

Very few people out there are not wearing wrist watches as
we speak.

Wrist watches are some of the most desirable
fashion accessories anywhere in the world for both men and

Dealing on wrist watches is a very lucrative
business and you can setup and supply using online portal.

7. Apps Development

You know the importance of Apps. With the
popularity of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and etc..

Apps are even making them smarter. There are Apps for
almost everything, including for corruption.

If you are good at developing Apps, this is the time to take
it up as business.

You can as well learn it if you have the
few spare time required.

You can even develop apps
without any coding knowledge using apps platforms such
as Google play.

8. Dog/Pet Business

Pet industry is a billion dollars industry and many
businesses are already thriving in that sector.

business stands shoulder high above every other pets
business. Think of what you can offer and go for it.

It is a
business of passion, especially for pet and animal lovers.

9. Fast Food Restaurant

This is one of my choice top business ideas and it’s just a
matter of time before I invest in fast food restaurant
business .

It works in any country and location as long as there are
human traffic and people do eat foods around there.

10. Computer Game Center

First of all, get a good location.

It should also be located in
a domestic area; this is because your prospective clients
are located within the domestic axis.

You need to be well informed about the features of games
that you intend to use.

We suggest video games, board
games as well as snooker game.

11. Private School/Tutors

Private school is a big business in countries where it is
legal to run.

Teaching is a skill and it is better learned with
time and experience.

Depending on your experience level,
you can set up a tutor center to teach beginners for a
modest rate such as $30 per head.

With time, you can grow it into a well equipped private
school and charge up to $1,500 per child per term.

12. Business Process Outsourcing

If there is anything you are very good at, you can get a
company to outsource the service to you.

For example, a
bakery can outsource the delivery of the final product to a
courier company.

This type of service arrangement allows each company to
focus on its respective strength and improves customer

13. Petroleum Product Marketing

Starting up petrol gas station may be considered capital
intensive and requires a lot of logistics and planning.

But it
is a very good and profit oriented business idea.

If you have the required resources to setup and run this
business, I’d advice you to go for it now.

14. Book Publishing

The market is not saturated yet, people still ask for books
thus creating needs for others to join the ranks of existing

Do you want to make millions as a book
publisher? We have written series of articles on this website
that explains exactly what you need to get started and get

Because the article is very detailed, it has been divided into

This way, both greenhorn, fledgling and experienced
publishers can get to benefit.

15. Freight Forwarding

Exportation of goods happens on daily basis in different
locations and in different countries.

This puts freight
forwarding is at the very top of my choice of lucrative
business ideas .

Read the corresponding article and add further research to
find out exactly what you need to get started with this
business opportunity.

16. Private FM Radio Station

You may wonder – another big budget business idea – hey,
no! Well, starting a radio station isn’t as big as you may

Find out what is required to start a radio station of your

Listening to radio while driving is, and will remain
one of the biggest entertainment you could get in a car.

17. Setup A Law Firm

But you are not a Lawyer? You don’t have to be to setup a
law firm.

All you need is couple of smart lawyers in your
portfolio and business logistics.

As a matter of fact, people are getting more conscious of
their human rights, and as the crime wave increases, law
suits too are getting on the increase.
These in return has
made law business one of the top business ideas in the

18. Football Viewing Center

We all loves football, the beautiful game. Sometimes, what
makes football very exciting is the atmosphere.

That’s why
most people prefer to watch football games in public.

Football viewing business is a seasonal business that is
sure to bring you money during the season, while you go on
vacation to enjoy your money during the break.

We like a
business that gives me time for break.

19. Growing Edible Mushroom

Have you tasted foods prepared with mushroom before ?

It’s surely delicious, isn’t it? You can grow edible
mushroom from your home and supply to hotels and
restaurants in your locality and make good money.
This is surely a business idea, rare one for that matter.

thing beautiful about this business is that it’s not time
consuming like other business ideas.

20. Graphic Designing
Graphic designing is an art. If you are good at it, you can
set it up as business, offering the service on a freelance
basis to prospective clients, both online and offline.

Getting clients for graphic design business is quite simple,
use freelance websites like to find clients.

21. Event Planning/Management

Planning an event requires high level of dedication and

Not many event organizers has such amount of
time and dedication to plan their events.

Therefore, the best
bet is to outsource.
Setting up event planning and management business is a
very good idea, viable in every city.

This requires minimal
amount of money as you will be working with clients money
paid upfront most of the times.

22. YouTube Program

Some YouTubers are making more money than ever before
from just uploading simple videos to

All it takes is to make any interesting video, use video
editing software to edit your videos if you can lay your
hands on the software or you use YouTube inbuild editing
system to edit your video.

Then post and promote, that’s

23. Car Wash Services

Car wash business is one of the age long top business
ideas that is always evergreen.

With more and more cars
coming into the streets on daily basis, the need for car
wash is always on the increase.

You don’t have to break the bank to setup a car wash
business except you want to.

Good location and few
equipment and you are good to go.

24. Seminar Consulting

If you think you are expert in
any subject that requires consulting. Think of setting up
seminar consulting business around it.
All you need is your
ideas, your qualification, and a well packaged seminar.

rest will become history.

25. Property Consulting Agent

Property agents make money from practically doing

The requirement may be different according to your

Find out what is the necessary requirements;
such as government regulations and registrations.

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