Top 10 Emerging Business Opportunities In Ghana

There are equally some emerging business opportunities that are yet to be explored or fully explored in Ghana.

These emerging businesses are what we want to bring out in this article today.

Therefore, below are the top 10 emerging business opportunities in Ghana that any serious entrepreneur should do well to take advantage of, right now.

1. Cable Manufacturing

Made in Ghana cable is believed to be one of the best in
the world and cost more in the market.
If that believe could
be maintained through consistent quality, Ghana will soon
become the hub of cable exportation in the world. we haven’t
got the details what it takes to manufacture cable but it’s
really not that difficult.

It’s not beyond what you can do –
from my little finding, we can say it’s pretty easy to make

The Ghanaian power has just been deregulated. Meaning
that very soon, there will be massive rural and urban
electrification project throughout the country which may
likely result to increase in demand of electric cables far
more than before.

2. Security Outfit

Security business have been around for a very long time in
Ghana but it’s taking a different dimension in recent time
due to the situations on ground; no thanks to Armed
Robbery, and Kidnapping in many
parts of the country.

This is no doubt one of the emerging
billion dollars business opportunity in Ghana, much like
the oil and gas business.

Almost everyone who can afford private security services in
Ghana is going for it and it’s becoming more cost effective
considering the amount of money you pay out as ransom if
you’re caught by the kidnapping bad guys. Much is
involved in security business but the generate lots of

We’ll be bringing you details on how to go about
setting up security outfit in Ghana.

3. Photography Business

We mean professional photography business , not the kiosk
type of old photographers you see in your neighborhood.

Photography business is a multidimensional business, so
much means of making money through this profession,
many of which not yet even known by some of those who
claim to be professional in the business.

More on this in the
subsequent articles!

4. YouTube Video Channel

This opportunity is slightly new in Ghana, considering that
Ghanaians where not formally allowed/enabled to
participate in YouTube partnership program.

This is an
emerging business opportunity that thousands of other
publishers in other countries are already making six figures

We am taking serious interest in this business because we know
it holds one of the finest opportunity to make real money to
anyone who goes into the YouTube partnership program
the right way.

We will be having exclusive professional
training on this business next month ending.

Register for
the training if you are serious about taking advantage of
one of the best emerging business opportunity in Ghana.

5. Upscale Supermarket

The constant rise of the middle class society in Ghana is
changing the face of shopping in most part of the cities in

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Upscale Supermarkets in convenient locations are
becoming the preferred shopping place.
As more and more
people are stepping up their lifestyles so comes the need
for upscale supermarkets among other thing to meet up
with the demands.

There is huge opportunity is this
sector in Ghana, When we say upscale, it shouldn’t be
necessarily as big as Supermarket but at least something close.

6. Talent Agency

The Ghanaian entertainment industry is booming due to the
untold number of talents in the country.

We wrote an article sometime ago on How to Become a Ghanaian Actress/Actors During the course of our research for the article, we
discovered there is no enough talent Agency in the country,
giving scammers great opportunity to exploit teeming
youths who are looking for how to enter into the Ghana
entertainment industry.

To be in this emerging business opportunity, all you
need to do is to establish very good constants with the
‘who is whos’ of the Ghanaian entertainment industry and
you’re good to go.

7. eCommerce Business

You’ve heard about Jumia and Konga? Yeah! They
are making millions of dollars from Ghanaian/African market, yet
they aren’t of Ghana origin.

This is an emerging
opportunity space in Ghanaian economy that is yet to be
fully realized.

This days, more and more people prefers to shop online
because it’s more convenient and gives you better
opportunity to make good choices in your buy.

The pay on
delivery option is even making it far more easier as you get
to see before paying.

Investing in eCommerce in Ghana is
one of the finest investment choice anyone could make
right now, provided you have the money to pull it off.

8. Cassava Bread Production

Cassava is a well
consumed food staple in Ghana and any food made out of
cassava is a guaranteed sellout. Tap into this opportunity.

9. Florist F loriculture

Ghanaians are beginning to appreciate flowers as a gift.

Florists are beginning to flourish in Ghana , and the
business in is beginning to emerge.

Few people are
currently in the florist business in Ghana, while the market
is growing day by day.

10. Farming Business

Much has been written about Farming and more are yet to be written.

After oil and Gas, Farming
is the next industry in Ghana in terms of importance.

Ghanaians are beginning to wake up to farming and the
business is greatly emerging.

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