Tomato Paste Production Business In Ghana



To make sure that you are on the top of your game in starting the tomato paste factory, you will want to get all necessary facts and figures right and to get that right you need to do lot of research and feasibility studies.

This keeps you away from unnecessary pitfalls and avoidable unfortunate events. Knowledge they say is power, this context it can be called safety.

A concise research will put you on an overdrive to success.

A properly carried out feasibility study will enlighten you on the entire cost implication of starting, building and running the business.

Cost of raw materials, man power, machineries, etc

You will also know the pros and cons of the business so you prepare yourself for or avoid certain eventuality.

Overall a good feasibility study helps you to make good decision both in good times or bad times.


When it comes to manufacturing most especially things that are edible the legal paper works are usually so much.

Getting the licenses and permits are one of the most vital things that need to be considered before setting up the manufacturing plant.

All the necessary requirements need to be met; consult all relevant bodies for necessary approvals.

Make sure you have an experienced legal adviser this will save you from unseen pitfalls and traps set for you to run out of business before you even start.

With all relevant paper work in process you can now move unto other things.


One of the major factors that affect the success of a business venture in a growing society like Ghana is the location of the business.

A good business location like a tomato factory plant must have a few key features which are:

The factory must be located in a place where it is easy to get raw material and in this business the major raw material is tomato so the factory must be located very close to a major tomato farm that produces all year round to ensure stable production.

It must be located in a place where it is easy to get man power.

If people cannot access the factory to get to work then this will definitely as some point halt or slows down the production process.

There should also be the availability of a ready market not too far from the factory so it has to be located in place that is as busy as lagos.

Procurement of Adequate Machineries:

For continued and uninterrupted production it is therefore important to note that complete equipment need to be bought and these equipment need to be of good condition preferably of foreign origin:

Fine Pulper

Fruit Mill


Steam Jacketed Kettles

SS Tank

Tomato Paste Form Fill and Seal


Steam Piping

Steam Pressure Reducing Station

Product Piping and Valves

Cooling Tower Pump and Piping

Water Piping

Water Chiller

Screw Pump


RSSP Cooler

Storage Tank

Delivery Trucks

Fruit Washer

Power generating set/plant

The prices of these equipment varies in price because of foreign exchange so we cannot say for sure how much they will cost but you should be looking at spending huge sums of money that will run into tens of millions. So get yourself ready.

Also ensure that the equipment is installed properly.


After installing such expensive equipment you need to employ or hire capable hands to manage the equipment.

They must be qualified and well trained to ensure the safety of the equipment and lives.

It will be a big mistake hiring unskilled workers as this singular action may just be the beginning of the end for the factory.

Raw Material:

If the first suggestion about the location of the business is followed strictly then you shouldn’t have much challenge procuring raw materials for the manufacturing of the tomato paste.

If that is the case then you must always ensure that the tomatoes been supplied to your factory are healthy, fresh and rot free tomatoes.

This will improve the overall quality of the products.<

Don’t be also afraid to change supplier if for any reason the person supplying the raw material is not giving you quality product.

There is no sentiment if you want to succeed in business.

Marketing By Packaging:

Let you content be of great quality but let your packaging be WOW! This means that you need to pay close attention to the final packaging.

Quality product doesn’t just cut it alone, your packaging must also be of high standard.

If possible it should have international quality especially if you intend on exporting your product to other countries.

They say “ you don’t have a second chance for first impression ” and the first impression you give the customer before they ever get to actually consume your product is the packaging.

If it is appealing to their eyes then they will most likely buy into it before they get a taste of the good stuff; make a lasting impression if you want to stay in business for a long time.

Use the best packaging for your product depending on your market; you could either use tin, bottle or sachet.