The Economic Benefits Of Yam Production In Ghana

What exactly is the economic benefits of yam production in Ghana ?

Yam farming is obviously one of the most rewarding farm business in Africa for many good reasons.

Yam is one of the most popular food staple in most African countries and beyond.

It is prepared in our kitchens in many forms – pounded yam, porridge, friend yam, yam with vegetables – mention just a few.

Without yam in the market, millions of African families may starve.

Apart from feeding our stomach, yam has other nutritional and health benefits.

Yams’ complex carbohydrates and fiber slows the rate at which sugars are released and absorbed into the bloodstream.

In addition, because they’re rich in fiber, yams fill you up without filling out your hips and waistline.

Yams are also a good source of manganese, a trace mineral that helps with carbohydrate metabolism and is a co factor in a number of enzymes important in energy production and antioxidant defenses.

That’s how mother nature works; when She brings forth a food, She makes sure it integrates everything needed to contribute to your health and vitality.

The Opportunities in Yam Production

Yam is quite pricey in the market and no amount produced that will be enough let alone saturation.

Yam can be exported too other countries to earn foreign currency and improve the economy of Africa.

In ancient time down to very recently, the wealth of a man in Igboland is measured by the quantity of yam he harvested.

Yam is a symbol of wealth in Ghana – likewise many other places.

Has this changed ? The answer is no – it is our recent acquired poor orientation towards farming that is trying to change it.

Ghana is the third largest yam producer in West Africa after Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire. But when it comes to exportation,
Ghana are the leading exporter of yam, accounting for over 94
percent of total yam exports in West Africa.

About 90 percent of Ghana’s yams are
exported to the US, UK and the Netherlands.

The Economic Benefits Of Yam Production

Do you know that 50,000 tubers of yam could make you
10 million in a year ?

And what does it take to harvest
50,000 tubers of yam in a year ?

A hundred meters of yam
ridge takes 100 yam if spaced 1 meters apart which is the
standard recommended spacing.

That means that five
hundred by five hundred meters of farm land can
comfortably give you 50,000 tubers of yam in a year.

The problem we have in this country about farming is that
we are not used to thinking big, we only think of farming as
means of feeding our extended family in the village.

farming is far beyond that, it can make you millions of

To cultivate 500 x 500 meters of farmland for yam, you will
need 3-4 million and after harvesting and selling, you
make 10 million selling locally, making a profit of 6
million in a year.

From the above analysis, you can see the economic
benefits of yam production in Ghana and West Africa.

It is
time to invest more in this sector of farming in Ghana.

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