Meaning Of Stock Records: What Is Stock Records, Procedures, Types, Advantages & Importance Of Stock Taking

Table Of Contents What Is Store Meaning Of Stock Records Procedure For Stock Procurement Types Of Stock Records Advantages Of Stock Records What Is Stock Taking? Importance Of Stock Taking What Is Store Store can be defined as a place where items, goods or materials are kept for future use. It could be a small … Read more

How To Raise Crops: Examples & Procedures For Raising Farm Crops

Examples Of Crops Field crops include grain and tuber crops. Examples of grain crops are rice, maize beans, guinea corn and groundnut. Examples of tuber crops are cocoyam, potatoes, yam, carrot and cassava. Examples of horticultural crops are tomato, onion, spinach, water leaf, okra, carrot, pumpkin, and bitter leaf, While examples of Plantation crops are … Read more