Discipline: Meaning, Benefits And Attributes Of Discipline (National Values)

Civic Education Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Discipline 2. Attributes Of Discipline 3. Benefits Of Disciplined Behaviour 4. Consequences Of Undisciplined Behaviour National Value Discipline Meaning Of Discipline Discipline refers to the ability of the individual to reflect societal values and expectations in carrying out activities as to when, where and how such activities … Read more

Cooperation: Meaning, Attributes,Benefits Of Cooperation And Factors That Promote Cooperation (National Values)

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Cooperation Attributes Of Cooperation -Sharing -Supporting -Caring -Friendship Factors That Promoe Co-operation Benefits Of Cooperation -Harmony -Progress -Goal/Achievement -Peace And Tranquility National Values Cooperation Meaning Of Cooperation Cooperation means working willingly with other people in order to achieve some common goals. There are several things which cannot be achieve by … Read more

National Value: Meaning, Importance,Factors, Sources And Manifestation Of Values

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Values Importance Of Values Sources Of Our Values Manifestation Of Values Societal Values Factors That Promotes Good Value System. Meaning Of National Values In Civic Education What Is Values? The word value has several meanings. It is the expression of the actual worth or quality of something in monetary terms. … Read more