What Is The Average Yield Of Hot Pepper Per Acre In Ghana?

Pepper is a vegetable eaten by almost everybody in the world. Pepper farming is one of the most profitable businesses in Ghana and other countries of the world. Just like tomato farming and cucumber farming, pepper.farming can be very lucrative. One of the most popular type of pepper in Ghana is chilli pepper (Hot Pepper). … Read more

Snail Farming In Nigeria: How To Get Started

Table Of Contents Introduction To Snail Farming. Snail Farming Techniques In Nigeria. Starting A Snail Farm In Nigeria. Types Of Snails Reared In Nigeria. What Are The Snail Food? Benefits Of Snail Farming. Snail Farming For Business. Conclusion. It is not out of point to include snail farming in Nigeria as one of the most … Read more

Marketing: Meaning Of Marketing, Terms Used And Functions Of Marketing

The objective of all business enterprise is to satisfy the needs and wants of the society. Marketing is, therefore, a basic function of all business firms. When a salesperson sells washing machines, a doctor treats a patient or a Government asks people to take their children for polio drops, each is marketing something to meet … Read more

How To Start A Manufacturing Business In Ethiopia

Have you ever heard about the sayings that Ethiopia is a consumer-driven economy? The Manufacturing sector in Ethiopia is currently growing faster than the telecommunications, oil and gas and agricultural sectors. Ethiopia‚Äôs large population of upwardly mobile consumers, coupled with investments in power, implies that the strong growth of manufacturers, including food producers and breweries, … Read more