What Is Sovereignty? Meaning And 7 Limitations Of Sovereignty

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning And Origin Of Sovereignty 2. Types Of Sovereignty 3. Limitations Of Sovereignty 4. Features Of Sovereignty Meaning And Origin Of Sovereignty It was a French political philosopher Jean modern theory of sovereignty into political theory. He defines sovereignty as the supreme power of the state over citizens and subjects. Sovereignty … Read more

11 Limitations Of Sovereignty

Factors that can limit the exercise of government power are: 1. International Law: International laws, conventions and treaties impose limitations on sovereignty of a country. States abide by the international laws for the interest of word peace. 2. Influence Of Pressure Groups: They exert influence on the sovereignty of even elected government. 3. Influence Of … Read more

Sovereignty: Meaning, Features Of Sovereign State, Types And Limitations Of Sovereignty

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Sovereignty Features Of Sovereignty Types Of Sovereignty Limitations Of Sovereignty What Is Sovereignty? Sovereignty is the supreme authority and power of the state which the govern it’s citizens without any interference. A sovereign state has the power to compel the citizens obey the laws with every legal sanctions to employ … Read more