Information About Starting A Dairy Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a dairy farm in Nigeria? Do you need information about dairy farming in Nigeria? If YES, Then this article will give out all you need to know about dairy farming. What Is Dairy Farming: Dairy farming is a type of Agriculture which involves farming to produce milk from mammals like … Read more

Trade : Meaning, Importance, Forms & Aids Of Trade

Meaning Of Trade: Trade is the buying and selling of goods and services. It involves the direct exchange of goods and services for money or other goods, which is called barter. It is the transfer of goods and services from one person or entity to another, following payment or exchange of goods. It is sometimes … Read more

Election: Meaning, Importance, Disadvantages And Types

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Elections 2. Importance Of Elections 3. Disadvantages Of Election 4. Types Of Elections Meaning Of Elections An election may be defined as an act of choosing or selecting candidates who will represent the people of a country in the parliament and in other positions in the government. Election is … Read more

Textiles: Definition, Importance, And Uses Of Textiles

Definition Of Textiles Textile is a woven or machine knitted fabric. Textile is the study of fibres, yarn, construction of fabrics and finishes. Examples of major Textiles fibres are: a. Cotton b. Wool c. Sill d. Linen Textiles are first developed as a means of carrying food providing shelter and later used as clothing. Importance … Read more