Family Needs And Resources (Home Economics)

Family needs are many. The resources for meeting these needs are however limited. It is necessary to find ways of using the resources so that the important needs are satisfied. This involves management. Before you learn how to manage the resources, you must know the different types of resources and needs of the individuals and … Read more

Guidelines For Choosing Footwear (Home Economics)

Meaning Of Footwear Foot wear includes articles of clothing worn on the foot, e.g. stockings, sandals, slippers, etc. They come in different shapes and designs. They are also made of leather, cloth, rubber, etc. Uses Of Foot Wear 1. They can be used to protect the feet. 2. They help to enhance personal appearance. 3. … Read more

Family Needs: Physical, Emotional And Social Needs Of The Family

Home Economics Every family needs a shelter. A house provides this shelter. There are differences between a house and a home. Certain factors are necessary to convert a house into a home. Difference Between A House And A Home A House is just a building. Housing includes the many different types of shelter in which … Read more

Importance Of Family Value System

Family Values Value means the worth or merit of an item. Values are beliefs, feelings and ideas about what is important. Values are based on ideas about what is right, good, and desirable. Values can be positive or negative. Examples of positive values are: freedom, courtesy, good health, orderliness, friendship, leisure, love patience, respect, tolerance, … Read more

Roles And Responsibilities Of Family Members (Home Economics)

There are different types of family. Family members are related to each other in different ways. Therefore, there are various forms of relationships in the family. The family as a group performs some roles in the society while each member has definite roles to perform in the family. Family values are also very important for … Read more

Guidelines For Healthy Feeding Habits And Table Manners

Healthy Feeding Habits (Economics) Table Of Contents Meaning Of Food Functions Of Food Meaning Of Feeding Habits Importance Of Healthy Feeding Habits Guidelines For Healthy Feeding Habits And Table Manners The human body is like a machine. It therefore needs fuel to do its work. It also needs good maintenance and regular repair. These needs … Read more

Uses Of Cosmetics And Deodorants (Home Economics)

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Cosmetics And Deodorants Importance Of Cosmetics And Deodorants Points To Bear In Mind In The Choice And Use Of Cosmetics Procedures For Apply Deodorants And Anti-perspirants Regular use of deodorants is important. Young people however require very little make-up because they still have natural beauty and complexion. They may decide … Read more