Democracy: Development And 10 Features Of Democracy

Democracy may be defined as a system of government in which the will of the majority of qualified adult citizens prevails. Democracy can also be defined as a majority government elected by the majority of the electorate. Democracy has in another occasion been described as government by the approval of the people being governed. Democracy … Read more

Merits And Demerits Of Democracy

Government Topic:Merits And Demerits Of Democracy Contents Definition Of Democracy Attributes Of Democracy Merits Of Democracy Demerits Of Democracy What Is Democracy? Democracy may be defined as a system of government in which all qualified adults citizens share the supreme power directly or through their elected representatives. Democracy is a system of government based on … Read more

Democracy: Meaning, Origin, Features And Types Of Democracy

Government Topic: Meaning And Origin Of Democracy Table of Contents Origin Of Democracy Meaning Of Democracy Characteristics Of Democracy Types Of Democracy Origin Of Democracy Democracy is gotten from the city states of ancient Greece. Democracy is the Greeks word “Demos” and “Kratia” (Rule Of Government). However, It is a system of government in which … Read more