Pillars Of Democracy (Civic Education)

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Pillars Of Democracy2. Pillars Of Democracy Meaning Of Pillars Of Democracy Pillars of democracy refer to the framework on which democracy is built, sustauned and advanced in society. They are the building blocks of the democratic practice. They my be institutions. Persons or practices on which democracy rests. Pillars … Read more

Civic Education: Importance Of Civic Education

Meaning Of Civic Education The word “civic” is a Greek word which implies citizens of a city or an area. This then means, that civic education is a resolve of careful decision of the government to lead its citizens in different geographical and political communities to acquire some kinds of knowledge, facts, skills, abilities, values, … Read more

8 Basic Qualifications For Election

A citizen of a country is required to satisfy the following conditions, before he can vote or be voted foe in an election. However, these conditions vary from country to country, depending on the type of franchise they practise. 1. Citizenship In a democratic country, voting is done by either native-born or naturalized citizens of … Read more

12 Procedure For Voting |Civic Education

Some countries are more advanced or developed than others in politics. These developed countries have somehow achieved political stability, but new democracies in Nigeria, are still struggling to stabilize. For those countries with stable democracy, the stages or procedures for voting are few. For instance, United States of America may not have to start forming … Read more

Election: Importance Of Election (Civic Education)

Election is a method of choosing leaders or making decisions by a process of voting. It is the process of selecting a person or persons for office through voting. Ancient Athens had a system of elections in which all citizens could vote. With the birth of modern democracy, elections have become a universal way of … Read more

Pillars Of Democracy: Meaning And 5 Pillars Of Democracy (Civic Education)

Meaning And Explanation Of Pillars Of Democracy Pillar means a strong supporter or a fundamental part or an important feature of something like a system, an organization or an idea. This means that pillars of democracy are those institutions and features which are the main backbone of democracy and upon which it stands, operates and … Read more

Democracy: Importance Of Democracy (Civic Education)

Democracy, being a system of government where the will of the majority prevails, is very important for some reasons which are stated below: 1. Democracy ensures that the majority of the people participate in the government affairs and also protects the interests of those in the minority. 2. It promotes stability in the country, by … Read more

Human Rights: Meaning And Types Of Human Rights

Civic Education Table Of Contents Meaning Of Human Rights Types Of Human Rights Characteristics And Categories Of Human Rights Human Rights In Civic Education Human rights are the rights conferred on man by nature. They are natural rights because they are inherit in our nature and are gifts of God. The human rights are human … Read more

Cooperation: Meaning, Attributes,Benefits Of Cooperation And Factors That Promote Cooperation (National Values)

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Cooperation Attributes Of Cooperation -Sharing -Supporting -Caring -Friendship Factors That Promoe Co-operation Benefits Of Cooperation -Harmony -Progress -Goal/Achievement -Peace And Tranquility National Values Cooperation Meaning Of Cooperation Cooperation means working willingly with other people in order to achieve some common goals. There are several things which cannot be achieve by … Read more