Information About Starting Watermelon Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a watermelon farming business in Nigeria? Do you want to set up a watermelon farm? In this article we will share the step by step guide on how to grow watermelons. Watermelon is a good source of hydration during a sunny day, watermelon is also a good source of water. … Read more

How To Start A Profitable Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

Rabbit farming is one of the successful business opportunities in Nigeria. Even though rabbit meat is not that popular unlike poultry, goat, pork and beef meat, but it is very profitable. The biggest producer of rabbit meats are Italy, China, France and Spain. Nigeria can also take part in this life changing opportunity. If you … Read more

Civic Education: Meaning, Objective And Importance Of Civic Education

Table Of Contents Introduction Meaning Of Civic Education Objectives Of Civic Of Civic Education The Importance Of Civic Education The Need For Civic Education Different Ways Of Learning Civic Education Introduction To Civic Education Civic Education curriculum was introduced for the Universal Basic Education Programme in Nigeria, for the following reasons: 1. Building a great … Read more