How To StartUp A Fitness Training Business In Ghana

Do you know that exercising is fun when it is not
compulsory ?

Do you believe that exercise is not only meant
for the big sized people, interesting, do you also belief you
can make a living through exercise and you can stay
healthy by exercising regularly.

To be physically and
mentally fit means you have to undergo regular exercise.

A fitness business is a business aimed at providing
personal training, fitness instruction, or the use of a fitness
facility to those interested in living a healthy life and
pursuing their own fitness goals.

You do not have to be a
professional fitness trainer to start a business in fitness,
but you need to have interest in fitness and the willingness
to adopt a fitness lifestyle.

Having interest and willingness
to adopt fitness lifestyle is important in ensuring your
success in the business.

Like it is usually said around the world “health is wealth,
many people in this part of the world believes fitness and
exercise is only meant for big sized people but no it is not
true, fitness and exercise will promote a healthy life for

Like for instance, daily exercise will allow free
flow of blood in the vain, it will maintain the heart, even an
hypertensive patient that exercises regularly will always
remain healthy and so on.

Fitness is good for everyone.
Would you like to invest in fitness business,or are you
thinking of a business to invest in, you are not making
mistake if you choose to invest in a fitness business, all
you need do is to follow the steps below and then you
become an achiever (ie be a boss of your own, create

There are two types of fitness services

Personal training

Personal trainers work 1 on 1 with clients to create fitness
plans specific to their clients’ needs.

The trainer coaches
the client through strength training to get the most out of

As a personal trainer, you may decide to run your
fitness business from your home, travel to clients’ homes,
or meet them at a specific fitness and exercise center.

Fitness instruction

Fitness instructors guide groups through a variety of
classes, including aerobics, kickboxing, step and strength

If this is your desired approach, choose one or
more classes you are comfortable with.
To start a business
in fitness instruction, you must have a facility where you
can teach your group class.

Steps To Start-up A Fitness Business

Create A Business Name

Choose something creative, a simple, short and easy

Note, if your name is easy to remember, it
will be easier to establish, maintain, and grow you client


Don’t forget you are setting up a fitness center in order to
achieve some goals and objectiveness, the purpose and
mission of your business, and also the financial aspects of
what you want your business to accomplish should not be
waved aside.

Marketing strategy

Assess your target market for the area you plan on working

This will Determine how you will reach out to your
desired client base and what you will offer that will make
them choose you over other competitors.


Decide what you will charge customers/clients, and what
type of contract or commitment you will require.


Place your advert on strategic locations,and don’t forget
your advert and your business name will speak for you.

Gym department

Setting up a fitness center also includes the gym aspect.

your business plan involves setting up a fitness center or
gym, then you will be responsible for managing an entire
facility and for hiring personal trainers and fitness
instructors also you will need to buy gym equipment.


Do a thorough calculation of what your start up capital
costs, marketing fees, advert fees and monthly expenses to

Then do a projected income analysis, listing what you
expect to bring in when you first start and what you expect
it to bring in over time, then decide on the gym equipment
to buy.

Start your business, using your fitness business plan as
your guide guide.


It will be of advantage to you if you establish your fitness
business in a high profile area and easy accessible location, people who live there are more exposed and are ready to
pay money on keeping fit than those who live in the low
profile area.

Business operations: keep records of daily activities and

Personnel: Hire any staff you might need to run your fitness

Market your business in order to increase your customer

These Are The List If Gym Equipment

Chrome dumbbell 4.0kg.

Elliptical Orbitrac with seat.

Magnetic Bike.

Elliptical Orbitrac with seat and stepper.

Round dumbbell 20kg.

Jump Rope.

Motorized Treadmill with massager.

twister and Dumbell.

Manual Treadmill.

Stepper Board.

You are not only a boss of your own but you have also
created employment.

Above all, you are helping some
people to live healthy and maintain good body shapes
likewise you too.

All these gym equipment can be
purchased through

Follow these guidelines
carefully and you will surely succeed in this business with
your devoted time and concentration. We wish you goodluck.

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