How To Start A Yogurt Drink Business In Ghana

Have you ever thought of Yogurt drink ?

It is a nutritional drink with very low far with lot of nutritional components in it.

You can make a lot of money from yogurt drink, people who are moderately lactose intolerant can drink yogurt.

Do you know you can start selling this tasty drinks in
various flavors like the vanilla taste, banana, apple,
strawberry, chocolate and other condiments? so many
people living in the urban and semi urban areas both
children, adult enjoys yoghurts, it is a business that
moves so much in the market on daily basis, especially
during dry seasons, the demand is always high at that

It is not possible to run out of business in selling or
making yogurt drink.

There are some specific places you can market this
product, places like churches, schools, eateries,
supermarkets, cinemas and offices. If you setup your
yoghurt shop within these places, you are guaranteed of
good sales.

Apart from being a lucrative business, yoghurt is a
delicious drink that has lots of health benefits.

It helps you reduce weight, good for the skin, it is loaded
with vitamins and can also help you reduce stress after a
days job.

It prevents high blood pressure, yoghurts contains lactic
acid that can fight bad breath and fight other bacteria.

We believe this article will be useful to you, all you need is to
follow the steps below:

Get a Good Location

Find a location for your yoghurt shop, let it be within the
roadside or in a shopping mall.

The environment must be
neat and spacious and must be easily accessible to your

If you have the opportunity and means, you
should get it exquisitely furnished similar to what you see
on the picture above. you could get ice cream included too.

Yoghurt business alone is very good but adding ice cream
into the line of your products will increase your customer
based and your sales.

Children and women like ice cream a
lot while men likes yoghurt more.

Start by naming your yoghurt shop. Create a name that is
very catchy, use attractive colors for the design, if you have
enough cash you can make handbills, business name
board, good complementary cards, advertise on social
network in your neighborhood etc.

Equipment And Tools

Purchase all you need to start your business: you will need
refrigerators/freezers, dispensers, containers for toppings,
chairs, tables, air conditioners, yoghurt filling and sealing
machines, rotary cup filling, cones, spoons, plastics spoons
and clean napkins etc.

Create a menu list. You will need a menu lists for your
customers, showing your varieties so your customers will
be able to select their choice of products.

Make Your Yoghurt Shop Conducive

Customers love conducive environment to relax and have a
drink like yoghurt and ice cream.

Starting a business is one
thing but keeping your customers for life is another,
customers are known to be the king of every business,
make sure you have a good customer services.

Be friendly
with your customers, welcome them with a smile at all
time, get interested in where they live, their birthdays
memorable days in their lives. Get involved with them.

We believe if you follow this steps it will help you achieve
your dreams of what you want to be, it truly a great
business to venture all you need is the determination to
succeed. Good luck

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