How To Start A Newspaper Publishing Business In Ghana

Starting own newspaper publishing business in Ghana is not as capital intensive as you think.

Newspapers in Ghana (dailies and weeklies) have gained so much momentum for good reasons.

Ghana is the highest news consuming nation in Africa and one of the highest in the world.

Despite the massive proliferation of internet base news outlets in Ghana, there are still people who are craving to read not just anything but trustworthy newspapers and so if you are thinking to set up a standard paper, be assured that there is good business in it.

If you already have one, you can still make so much money from it if you follow this article.

You may like to know that a newspaper publishing can generate its own income to pay for the cost of its production and much more.

A newspaper gives much more room to deliver a message than a flyer or newsletter.

Also, advertising in a newspaper is inherently preferred by everyone over any other type of print media.

It offers many ways for other people or business or organization to be involved, and allows you to establish relationships with businesses.

At the beginning of your newspaper publishing business, before the newspaper becomes popular, it may be a huge task to get it into the hands of many people but if you keep promoting it relentlessly, you will soon be smiling to the bank for the huge profit you will be making.

If you have been wondering how to make so much money from a newspaper publishing business, wonder no more.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Conceive Something Bigger
See beyond a newsletter and conceive a newspaper.

truth is that a newspaper can do so much more than a
simple newsletter.

A lot of starters often want to limit themselves for fear of
expenses and when they beat the odds to dare begin with a
newspaper, they realize how important it was for them to
go big.

Newsletters to the best of my knowledge are
preferable for private and public organizations as they
serve as public relation tools.

Conceiving something bigger also requires that you think of
a newspaper that could serve a large audience of millions
and not just a community of thousands.
This is where you
want to get and you must begin considering it from the

2. Carve Out Your ‘Niche’, Name, And Size

Selecting the right niche is essential to the success of your
newspaper publishing business.

A niche is a portion of the
market you want to target.

There are many different issues,
programs, causes, and problems, products, and services
you could focus on.

But it is important to remember that
your newspaper, in order to become a staple in your
community, needs to be somewhat predictable to those who
are interested in it.

It should also focus on something that
catches the attention of most people and you are
passionate and knowledgeable about.

You also have to consider demographics, your strengths,
political environment, recurring social issues and
availability of content among other things.

Make sure your newspaper name and content is always
about your chosen focus.

Meantime, make sure you do not
get so specific in choosing your niche such that you
exhaust all your content in only a few issues. What you
focus on should be inexhaustible.

Choose your name based on your niche. Choose the size of
your paper based on your ability to fill it with good content.

The titles of the articles need to be catchy enough so that if
someone happens to pick up one of your newspapers and
just glances at the front, they see something that appeals to
them right away.

3. Determine Your Circulation

As you try to figure out how many copies of your
newspapers to get for each issue, you need to keep three
factors in mind:

The size of the population in your target area.

The available labor force.

Cost versus potential revenue or available funds.

Seek a way to
make sure you distribute all copies of your paper to your
readers on time.

To do this, you can also seek the services
of newspaper distribution agencies.

Another factor is your revenue desired from the newspaper.

If you sell ads space in your newspaper, you must weigh
how much room you can allot for ads and the potential
revenue from those ads against the number of copies of the
newspapers that you intend to print for each issue.

4. Advertise On Your Newspaper

If you do it right, newspaper publishing business can be a
very self-sustaining business.

Canvasing for ads which in
some cases could be paid for upfront can generate so much
profit for you.

We realized that with all the space you have in the newspaper,
just selling a few ads space can raise enough money to
cover all your expenses.

There is plenty of space to make
some clean profit.

We recently came across these wonderful
facts about newspapers and advertisement:

The newspapers are paid for by the advertisers.

You make money on each issue from the advertising.

You can solicit advertisers just by explaining that by
purchasing an ad space in your paper they are
contributing to the community by helping you to reach
the community, and they also are reaching out to the
community with what they offer.

It is a win, win thing.
You build more solid relationships with businesses and
business owners by partnering with them.

Ads give your paper a better feel and look. People
expect ads in newspapers.

Ads increase your paper’s credibility and circulation

Businesses who advertise will also buy your

5. Make Attractive Advertising Rates

Your advertising rates will be increasing as you are able to
penetrate the market and have more persons read your

This is because the more persons you have, reading
your paper, the more persons who become aware of the
business you advertise.

At some point, businesses should
flood in to buy ads space from you, if you focus on reaching
more persons with your paper.

Also, it will also depend on whether the ad is bigger or in

If it is either bigger or in color then you will need to
charge more

We noticed from research two factors you still need to be
aware of in your newspaper publishing business:

The population of your area:

The smaller the population, the
less they are used to paying for advertisements.

You may
need to adjust your pricing to factor this in.

The competition: The competition in this case is not
competing publications, but rather competing avenues of

Study the ad rates of other newspapers and
even of advertising agencies to be able to determine your
own rates.

Unrealistic ad rates will scare away advertisers
who are simply looking for avenues where they can pay
less while reaching more people.

Therefore, strive to stay

6. Look For Advertisers

Ads will not come and meet you where you are. The best
way to look for advertisers is to ask.
This is how to start:

i) Approach everyone you currently know is a business
owner and all those you currently do business with. Ask
them to buy an ad space.

ii) Ask each of the above business owners to give you

It should be that the more persons they refer who
finally buy ads space for your newspaper, the cheaper the
rates for theirs.

iii) Approach and ask each of your referrals to buy an ad

Use the name of the person who referred you.

iv) Ask them for referrals too.

v) Continue this pattern.

Rest assured this will give you a good start. But if you
happen to run out of places, you can call businesses.

when you do, here are some things I found important to be
kept in mind:

Talk only to business owners or the one who can make
a decision.

Explain what the newspaper is all about and how
beneficial it will be for them to advertise on it.

Provide samples of your newspapers if you have them.

Provide a price sheet.

Provide all your contact information.

Follow them up to have them make a decision to

Don’t be afraid when they say, ‘No’.

You may want to offer free ad design services.

7. Design Your Newspaper

Design is a strategic step that must be handled with caution
because a poor design can repel your readers and
consequently your advertisers.

Some design programs you
can use are Microsoft Publisher, CorelDraw and Quark
Express amongst others.

You can equally access free
templates and pre-structured newspaper layouts online.

As you design the paper, some of the things to do are:

Have the name of your paper, written large and on the
top of the front page.

Have your business name, phone number, address,
email address and any other pertinent information
somewhere on top of the front page.

Include the current issue number and volume number
somewhere near the top along with a date.

Ensure your own content is very easy to find and read.

Also ensure they have strong headings and alignments.

Justify your columns to ‘full’ so it gives a clean edge to
both sides of your article columns.

Stick with the same type of font for all your articles.

Place ads along the bottom of each page.

Fill up spaces with pictures, puzzles, quotes, and other

The most important thing about a newspaper is keeping it
simple to read.

The rule is to write for the 12 year old.

Avoid getting too complicated with graphics and keep your
articles separated and with bold Headings.

8. Sell Your Newspaper

Your first issue will always draw the attention of your
community and there is going to be a sense of excitement.

That is why you want to start with the best paper you can.

You will find your friends and business acquaintances go
out of their way to help distribute your newspapers.

Canvassing readers from your neighborhoods is a great
way to get your paper in front of people.

It’s harder but very
effective, especially starting out. Here are some rules you
might go by:

i) Never go against your community’s norms.

ii) Never assume that people do not want to read your

But go knock on their doors and present it to them.

iii) Secure the paper in some manner so it doesn’t get
blown away or rained on.

Another effective means to get your newspaper publishing
to reach your readers is to find friendly businesses and
restaurants that will accept your newspapers.

Any place
where there is a waiting room is ideal. People often look for
something to read while they are waiting.

If you chose a
good ‘niche’, many of these businesses would be very
pleased to accept your paper for their customers to enjoy
while they are waiting.
Restaurants are the best, we’ve found.
Also, doctor’s and
dentist’s offices, libraries, coffee shops, waiting rooms of
every sort, retail stores with community bulletin boards,
hospitals, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants,
apartment building offices, etc. are great places to

Make sure you keep track of the rate your
newspapers are taken and note those places that need
more copies and get them supplied on time.

If you really want to make so much money from Newspaper
publishing business, do not minimize any of the
information We have just shared with you.

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