How To Start A Kola Nut Export From Ghana To Oversea

Kola nut export is one of the least known money maker in
some parts of this country.

If you have access to Kola nuts,
you are in for dollars exporting it to foreign countries.

nut is highly sought after because of its many usages both
in pharmaceutical and soft drinks productions.

In Ghana, Kola nut is very important because it is used as
a good gesture in marriages, business transactions, and in
many occasions as a way of showing respect.

Kola nuts
are given to strangers in many parts of Ghana as a
hospitality and welcome gift.

But beyond that, kola nut is
also capable of making millions of dollars to exporters.

The prices of kola nuts vary in Ghana markets, but when
you are poised to having it exported out of the country, you
will be sure to have the profit margin rounded up many
times for you.

One thing that is assured is that any how you retail it in
Ghana markets, you are assured of making enough profits.

This may be the reason why many of the dealers don’t seem
to bother about taking the product out of the country.

Kola nut is used for many things abroad including spices.

is so useful in oversea that no amount you exported that
can be enough. This where the money is.

Steps to Start Kola Nut Export to Foreign

After you might have secured a buyer through referral or
through internet, you can conveniently start the business
with at least $200.

When you buy the kola nuts and have taken enough time to
clean it up of some unwanted spots due to Ants infections
and other weather related black spots, the next thing is to
have it wrapped with a paper wrapper at the weight of 1kg
per wrapper then have it 7 wrappers packed into a carton
which would be 7kg in all.

That is the acceptable kg per

So with a kola nut of $200 you would spend at least
$50 to get the wrappers and other expenses to have it
packaged after which you take it to a COURIER company for
transporting to the destination where your kola nut export
customers are.

This is for a small scale kola nut export.

If you are going
big with the business then you would have to register with
the shipping council to have your goods forwarded for you
without hassles.

Even as a small scale kola nut exporter, you are assured of
100% profit of any goods shipped to your overseas

Do not forget to look for a courier company with the most
favorable prices to export your goods.
Always make sure
that none of the cartons exceeds 7kg to avoid being
rejected by the courier.

As you can see, kola nut export is
quite simple, simpler than you think.
For those that want to do it in a big way, having an online
presence where you can have your goods advertised is very

Where to Get Customers For Kola Nut Export

New Zealand, Brazil, UK, Australia, Canada, and USA.

These countries are known to have large productions of
energy drinks with some high rates of their consumption.

Other cash crops in Ghana like Cashew nuts and the likes
can also be exported out of the country and make money by
following almost the same steps as outlined above.

Once you have made up your mind to go into it, be sure to
have it done in a big and admirable way because kola nuts
exportation is a lucrative business.

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