How To Start A Custard Powder Production In Ghana

We have established the facts that the demand for custard is high in Ghana.

You don’t need huge capital to start; you can start with low capital, No equipment or machinery needed to produce custard.

You can start production from home so space is not a problem. You have no reason not to go into this business, the ingredients and raw materials are readily available anywhere in Ghana.

You don’t need any special skill for this business; the only thing you need is step by step on how to produce custard exactly without any mistakes.

This is one business where buyers wait for you anxiously with their money – little effort big money.

So if you have been looking for a guaranteed way of making money consistently non-stop, then custard production is for you.

With the money you will be making from this business, your family members and neighbors will think you are printing money, guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

You will be surprised how easy it is to produce custard. So you can now consider starting up this business so you can start making money out of it.

We believe this practicals will help you achieve your dreams.


1. Capital

You don’t need so much to start this business you don’t need any locatio(You can get a Location/Shop As Soon As you start Making Cash) you can do it
from home.

2. Equipment Needed

Mixing Machines

Weighing Instruments

Drying Machine

Sealing Machine

All these machines and equipment can be procured locally from
machines and equipment’s fabricators in Ghana.

3. Ingredients

Edible Corn Starch flavor
Egg yellow color

Flavor e.g. banana, milk or vanilla

Preservative (Sodium Benzoate)

Concentrated Vitamins



Procedure: Measure out the quantity of corn starch and pour
into your mixer
After about 10 minutes of continuous mixing add the remaining
ingredients like the flavor, colorants, preservative and let
the mixing continue for another 20mins, allow it cool then
sieve the products and dry then pack into containers

Appealing Name

Business Name is the name you want to give your business, it
is the name you want to be known, some companies like UAC
foods, Gala, Chi Limited, Cakes and Creams e.t.c are names
that are

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

We would recommend that you find out what your unique selling
point are and your real strength You must allow your target
customers know your unique selling proposition in selling that
product to them.

Let them know the value in paying for the
premium of your product.

Coca Cola has a taste that no other
beverage has in the world, and that makes it unique and sells

We hope this little information’s will help you achieve your
dreams of what you want to do…

There is no doubt that custard
production is a lucrative and profitable in Ghana.

You need to
get it right by making a complete business plan. You need to
apply good management skills and follow the acceptable

Soon you will be smiling to the bank as you count
your profit