How To Start A Cucumber Farming In Ghana

Cucumber farming is one venture that can actually surprise
anyone who cares to go into it.

While thousands of young
men and women are busy pursuing higher degrees in
education and hoping to get employed by one big firm or the
other, those who saw the goldmine in cucumber farming are
not giving any damn to that as their ventures are
adequately taking good cares of them financially.

If you still care to have things done differently instead of
investing your hard earned money in some businesses that
you don’t even know much about and which the profit
potentials may look somehow obscured, then it would
make a serious economic sense to consider venturing into
cucumber farming.

How Big Is Cucumber Farming In Ghana

The good thing about this wonderful vegetable is that it is
consumed worldwide and the demands of it is very high
which knocks off the the ideas of whether you would be
able to sell it.

Go ahead and give cucumber farming a trial
and see for yourself that you has been unknowingly
allowing millions of dollars or even dollars to slip away

There’s no two ways about it that no nation can survive
without good provision made or put in place for the
importation of foods of various types for the citizens.

anyone that is looking for a business to start and hope to
make something more meaningful and lasting should
consider looking into agricultural direction because it is a
seldom sector of the economy which only few clever ones
are diverting into and are silently making a enough kill.

The issue of cucumber farming is not to taken for a joke
because if done rightly, one would see all his investments
multiplying in quantum.

A cucumber farmer while
describing his business, said that it is like “a glass
business, which you will be seeing yourself while doing”.

Cucumber is a vegetable that is widely consumed all over
the world due to its health benefits which both the educated
and non-educated individuals testify to.

Talk about anything concerning cucumber and you are sure
to know more about the wonderful benefits of the global

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Cucumber is wonderful in the fight against cancer,
treatments for diabetics, skin irritations, bad breath, and
can be used to re-hydrate the body and regain one’s self
from dryness.

It is also great sources of vit. A,B1,B6, and D which is
known globally and not just in one particular location in the

Having established all these interesting facts about
cucumber, it is now time for us to look into the steps
necessary for you to consider owning your own cucumber
farm and share in the pure profits that it brings.

Bear in mind that you don’t need huge amount of money to
go into cucumber farming, what really matter is getting
things right at first before going into it fully which is what
this article is all about.

Step 1. Conduct Your Research

Make research on all that is necessary to start the business
because that is usually the wisest thing to do while
venturing into a new thing.

Try and isolate various types of
or species of cucumber and know the particular ones that
thrives in the area which you may want to have your farm

Gather information from your possible customers and know
the tricks to employ so that your produce hardly leave the
farm before it’s sold off.

In simple term here, what I’m
saying is, conduct feasibility studies and do it rightly.

Farmers don’t usually consider having a clearly written
business plan as important thing, but this will give you an
edge over others.

With a good business plan, you can
easily attract investors and other financial institutions to
fund your farm to become highly sought after.

But this
depends on your ability in managing it properly for the
likely investors to see. And this you should do without any
fears because cucumber markets itself.

Step 2. Get A Suitable Land In Good Location

If you had tried growing cucumber on small scale, you may
have noticed that it produces as long as there is a bit
sunshine there, but to really get the best out of your
investments, getting a rich humid soil can serve multiple

Firstly, it lowers the over head costs of getting
water for irrigating the vegetable which enables it to
produce the big and greenish types that are highly sought

When you spend less on irrigation by having your
farm close to water bed, your profit would climb.

Step 3. Get The Land Ready And Plant The

Plan adequately to moisten the ground by adding fertilizer
after clearing and tilling the soil.

Then after that, plant your
cucumber in a hole of about 2.5cm deep and a space of
50cm apart from each other to enable it grow each one on
its own without having to be struggling against themselves.

Another important thing to do is to have the farm land in
rows and columns to allow for easy human passage or
tractors as the case may be.

Making it that way also allows
for easy harvesting and sometimes weeding

Step 4. Harvesting and Disposing Your

For sure! you didn’t just go into the business to for the fun
of it but to make money.

One unique thing about cucumber
which makes it different from other vegetables is its market
value. You hardly struggles to sell your cucumber.

All you
have to do is to inform the locals that you have it for sale
and have them trooping down to you.

cucumber seed
You either retail your cucumber for more profits or share it
with others for easy disposals, you even stand some
chances of contacting big companies that process
cucumber which can even give you more exposures to
market your products.

Cucumber only stays between 50 to
70 days before harvesting which could be done everyday
and as when due.

Another thing about cucumber is that the organically
planted ones are always more attractive and sweet/
expensive than the normal ones.

Also be ready to ward off
pests by using the right kind of pesticide in case of insects

The purpose of looking for cucumber varieties while
planting is not because of any other thing apart from the
soil type.

Cucumber is very popular and delicious and
highly disease-resistant.

It also produce over a long
season in hot or cold weather too.

Even before thinking of
exportation, the local demands for cucumber are not yet
met not to talk of exporting.

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