Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Pure Water Factory In Nigeria

Starting a pure water Factory in Nigeria can be very profitable if the right procedures are followed. Nigerians consumes a lot of pure waters and manufacturing them is an often lucrative business. A pure water Factory deals in manufacturing sachet waters and distributing them to consumers.

Opening a pure water business in Nigeria doesn’t come easy, as it is capital intensive and requires more analysis, planning and good strategies before you think of opening one.

If you choose a pure water business as a choice of business, you have made the right decision, and you are now expected to take the required steps. There are serveral requirements needed in starting a pure water business in Nigeria. On this article, we have part together the processes of starting your pure water factory, And ensure to follow all the steps promptly.

Starting A Pure Water Factory In Nigeria

Here are steps to follow to set up a pure water factory in Nigeria:

1. Create A Business Plan:

Your business starts here. You will need a simple business plan to help you map out the strategies to run your business successsfully. Before creating a business plan for your pure water business, you have to cenduct a good market research, you should keep in mind that pure waters are commodities that requires high sales and profits for you, it is therefore very important to analyze the needed details that you will leverage on.

Your business plan should answer questions like the competition, the target market, expenses, marketing and satisfying your customers. In fact, your business plan should intend how you are going to make your business more profitable. So you will need to map out a good business plan before starting a pure water business (Factory).

2. Choose A Location:

Choosing a location requires a careful decision. When choosing a site for your pure water business, keep in mind that the area should be accessible, and not only being accessible, but rather in a location that is hygienic because it is a consumable products that requires environmental neatness. Hence, take noye of this hygienic requirements when searching for a place for your business.

If you are building a pure water Factory ensure that the constuctions are well-built, let it be sizable to fit in the required purpose. And note, If your capital isn’t enough to buy land and building a pure water Factory, you may decide to rent a space, ensure that it has the needed tendency to occupy the size of the business. When building a Factory or leasing space, it should have layout like a production room, packaging room, Finished goods store, Packaging materials store, changing room and administrative room.

3. Register Your Business:

Every legit business needs to follow the right procedure by registering their business. However, you need to register your Factory with the corporate Afffairs commission (CAC) and NAFDAC.

As the law have it in Nigeria, every business under Food and drugs must be registered with the government regulating Food and drugs, and it will be necessary to follow the procedures to get approve by this agency. Get all the needed licenses to start operating as a pure water business in Nigeria.

4. Purchase The Equipment Needed To Start A Pure Water Business:

Here are some of the equipments needed:

1. Automated sealing machine

2. Borchole instaling machine

3. Packaging bags

4. Printed nylon sachets

5. Overhead tanks

6. Distiller

7. Water miaron filters

8. Treatment materials

9. Beiling machine

10. Delivery truck

11. 20kVA soundproof Genarator

These are some of the equipment to consider, Approach other pure water owners to know more about getting equipments from reliable source.

5. Employ Workers:

Here workers who have the knowledge of operating machines, and make sure your workers are perfect in handling their task. Some of the workers needed range from operators, cleaners, drivers, security personals, supervisor, packaging and marketing personnels.

6. Marketing:

This is an important aspect in every business. When implementing your marketing strategy, you should know your target market. Market your sachet waters to grocares, supermarkets, pharmacies and be competitive on your pricing if you want to retain your customers.

Cost Of Starting A Pure Water Factory In Nigeria

Based on the requirements discussed above on how to start a pure water Factory, it all ranges and depends on many Factors like the required equipment and materials, number of employees, business registration, cost of land and constuction or leasing, and mostly base on location. You should budget around $50,00 to successful start a pure water factory in Nigeria. And keep in mind that you might spend less or more depending on the size and location.