Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Poultry Business In Ghana

Poultry products as a high demand – Poultry Business in
Ghana is a big business that gives enough meat and eggs
for daily consumption of people.

Eggs and chicken meat
gives the necessary protein that the body needs.

There is a
popular slogan from the poultry farmers association that
goes thus “Eat an egg a day it is good for your daily

To be a poultry farmer means you can be a boss of
your own.

In this article, we want look at the requirements
and cost of starting a poultry business of your own.

Do you know there are four common categories of birds
you can start a poultry with namely; Layers, Broilers,
Cockerels and Turkey?

Are you looking for a business to invest in ?

Are you
interested in poultry farming business ?

Then We advice, you
should read on as we will be sharing with you strategic
information on how to start a poultry farming business from
scratch and grow it successfully.

Poultry Business is a business you would enjoy doing; it is
an interesting business, very lucrative, though it is capital

The poultry industry is a broad one. There are
many sub-sectors in the poultry business which you can
tap into.

Below are arms in the poultry business:

Egg production (Layers breeding).

Meat production (Broilers and cockerel breeding).

Chicken breeding (Hatchery).

Poultry feed production.

Poultry equipment manufacturing.

Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing.

Here Are The List Of Items And Cost Of
Starting A Poultry Business

Acquire A Land

To start a poultry business, you must acquire a land. As
long as it is not close to a residential area, any land is

It is highly necessary you acquire a land of your own
and most importantly you acquire a land in a rural area.

mean areas that are just developing where you can buy a
plot of land at $ 334 and 1 acre at $2,000.

Construct A Poultry House

Poultry house is where the birds are kept.

Constructing a
poultry house for your birds means you have to contract
laborers to clear the land and contract a carpenter to
construct a house on the land.

The materials needed to
construct a house are:

A. wire net 4 bundles at $174,

B. Different sizes of nail cost $67

C. Building Planks will cost $1000
D. Zinc 10 bundles $434

Once a carpenter has completed his work on the land, a
bricklayer needs to work on the land as well.

A brick
layer’s work on the land is to dig the deep litters, smooth-
en the floor with cement and to set bricks round the pen

Deep litters: is the gutter run in the pen that leads into a
sock away.

It is where the birds litter drop into day by day.
It is important you drill a borehole on the land because
water is very essential in poultry business.

Get Battery Cage

There are different places to buy wired cages, the number of
birds you want to start with will determine the units of
cages to buy.

Start with 1,500 birds, one unit of cage with
automatic drinker will serve 90 birds. That means you will
buy 17 units of cages with automatic drinkers. One unit
costs $200 therefore, 17 units cost $3400.

Seventeen units
of cage with automatic drinkers will be set in just 3 days.

Buy The Birds

Since the pen house is made ready, you can now buy the

Make sure you buy your birds from good and reliable
sources like Zartech and Vax.

Buy point of lay i.e age of
birds between 16 weeks old to 20 weeks old.

The color
comes in brown or black any color you prefer is okay.

point of lay costs $7 and so 1,500 birds costs $10500.

Bird Feed

200 birds will consume 25 kg of feed in a day and so 1,500
birds will consume 187.5kg in a day, kg of growers feed
cost $12.

That means in a day you will feed 1,500 birds
with $90.

In a week it costs $630


Buy medication like Vitamin, Antibiotics and Dewormer.

Vitamin: Buy vitaminotrace; one litre will cost $15. Vitamin
revitalizes the internal system of the birds especially when
the birds have undergone stress. This medication is usually
repeated weekly.

Antibiotics: Enrofloxercine is a type of antibiotics used in
flushing the internal system of the birds. It comes in
100mls, It costs $5, and it will be administered for one
week and usually repeated after 6 weeks.

DEWORMER: A good name in dewormer is Kepromeg. It
comes in powdery form and it is usually administered after
2 days and would be repeated once you notice lice(tiny
worm) on the birds.

A kepromeg costs $5.
Once these medications have been administered, the birds
will start laying eggs one after the other.

They lay eggs in
arithmetic progression, meaning, they drop in 1s, 2s, 3s
and so on. The birds can also lay eggs in a geometric
progression meaning 10 birds can lay eggs at once or 20 at
once, 40, 50 all at once.

The birds will reach their peak after 10 weeks to 12 weeks
from their first dropping this means that the birds will
conveniently pay for their feeds,pay for their medications
and the poultry farmer will as well make profit.

The prices of eggs are determined by their age;first to sixth
week of dropping, eggs are sold at $3, seventh week to
tenth week of dropping eggs are sold at $4, eleventh week
upward eggs are sold at $5.

Minimum production of eggs
from 1,500 birds is 45 creates of eggs, selling a crate at $5
dollars , 45 crates will be $225, in a week you can make
total sales of 315 crates of eggs which is $1575 cash sales
weekly, deduct expenses on feed,wages of workers,
medication and others $900 weekly,meaning you will be
making a whooping $675 profit profit weekly! Calculate
that on monthly basis!Poultry business is profitable also in
the sense that you make profit while the birds are with, you
also make profit while disposing the birds and an old layer
cost $8 during festive period and $6 at normal seasons.

So what are you waiting for, start your investment in
poultry business today and be your own boss and create
employment for others.

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