Profitable Businesses In Africa You Can Start With Little Capital

Africa is the last business frontier and there is money to be made with good ideals. And although many entrepreneurs and companies are already making money in the continent, very few of us have the access to enough start-up capital.

Some of us would rather prefer to start something on the side and see where it goes; preferable while not using all our savings while we are at it.
So, here a few profitable businesses one can start with little capital, the only requirement being Internet access, some free time and a little bit of money.


This business is underrated but the rewards are handsome.
You can start the business by visiting clients in their homes and then later look for a physical location where your clients can easily trace you.


With parents getting busy by the day, small children are increasingly being left at home under the care of house helps. Many parents are worried about the safety of their children left at home because many house helps are known to abuse children left under their care. Small businesses that cater for kids are hot money makers.

Parents don’t have enough hours in the day to take care of every programmed event for their children. Talk to parents with small children in your neighborhood; explain to them that you can look after their children well at a small fee. Target children between the ages of 1 and 3 years.


Put together a website listing of contractors/professionals available in your country in various fields. However, give them an Amazon-style rating based on what is known about them in your country. Use local knowledge to determine this. But remember this, one bad company in your list and the integrity of your service is lost. So, be very careful about giving any one a high ranking. Make it prestige.


Data is nonexistence in Africa. Any info graphic map you see on any international topic will always depict Africa as an area where there is no data available. The data and field research is done now is to hire expensive European consultancies to conduct the research on behave of private clients.

So why not set up a site portal dedicated to research data published about Africa? Start by doing desktop research and collecting and curating data research that has been done by other companies and published on the web.

Become a web portal which directs people to where this data can be found. Get permission and published excerpts of the research on your site. It should not be hard to do as these companies wants to sell their reports and you are directing traffic to them. the business ideal here is to sell sponsored ad sports once you have established enough traffic.


Many expats are pouring into Africa to get their slice of an economy with incredible growth potential. The problems these expats face( and the companies that send them) is the obvious one of relocating their staff or themselves. Things like visas, permits, housing, schooling, and so on are always problematic.

It is not a logistical problem but an information one. Who to contact, where to start, where to go? So become a one stop staff relocation staff adviser.

Start with digital guide for your local country ( PDF files, designed nicely, and packed with up-to-date information)
So there you go, you now have profitable business ideas you can start with little capital in Africa.