Early European Contacts In Africa

REASONS FOR EUROPEAN ENCROACHMENT IN AFRICA By the second half of the 15th century European contries were now united under centralized governments by strong kings. These countries were Spain, Portugal, Britain and France. These kings were in support of discoveries in Africa and India. The Turks had in the 15th century blocked the Mediterranean and … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Telecommunication Company In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting your own telecommunication company in Nigeria? If yes, then here on this article you will learn about the requirements to start a telecommunication in Nigeria. Telecommunication involves the transmission of signals over long distances for the purpose of communication and this just encompasses more than just telephones. Telecommunication offers services … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Creche In Nigeria

Starting a creche in Nigeria is an operational way of making money while rendering your services to children. Creche also known as day care centre has two major ways of running them, you may decide to run it as a centre based business or a home-based. Whichever form you want to run it solely depends … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Cinema In Nigeria

Starting a cinema in Nigeria sounds as if it is not possible or a mere dream. Opening a cinema is actually possible and will totally be successful if you follow the right steps. Any type of cinema you want to open, whether multiplexes, drive-in, small scale cinemas or even a specialized Cinema, what matters most … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Foodstuff Business In Nigeria

Foodstuff business is one of the hottest trending business in the food industry in Nigeria with a continuous growth. You might not know how profitable starting a foodstuff business in Nigeria can be. But opening this business is the best decision ever. Like any other businesses, Foodstuff business requires adequate research and planning to get … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Barbing Salon In Nigeria

Starting a barbing salon in Nigeria is the right decision to make. However, if you’re interested in cutting hair, it can be a profitable business for you. Find out the necessary requirements to start a barber shop by being experience. Develop business plan, setup your barbing salon and promote your business. That is what is … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Block Industry In Nigeria

Block industry is among the most popular business to invest in Nigeria. There is a rapid increase in building of new residential houses, offices, factorys and other new buildings which requires block, This has made block industry a lucrative business in Nigeria. Starting your own block industry in Nigeria will give you the opportunity to … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Poultry Business In Nigeria

Starting a poultry business in Nigeria requires a good knowledge of the business. If you want to be a poultry farmer you must be ready to take lots of responsibilities. You must take it as a business while growing your farm. Choosing the type of poultry, stocking your farm, raising the poults, and building your … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Cake Business In Nigeria

Cake baking is a profitable business to start in Nigeria. Cake is a type of food made from sugar, flour and other ingredients, it is a sweet dessert that is typically baked. Cake is one of the most consumed snacks and Nigeria. The demand for cake is very high most especially during weekend for events … Read more