National Value: Meaning, Importance,Factors, Sources And Manifestation Of Values

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Values
  • Importance Of Values
  • Sources Of Our Values
  • Manifestation Of Values
  • Societal Values
  • Factors That Promotes Good Value System.

Meaning Of National Values In Civic Education

What Is Values?

The word value has several meanings. It is the expression of the actual worth or quality of something in monetary terms. It involves one’s assessment or judgement of one’s worth.

Value can be said to be principles and ideas we hold and cherish as important and worthwhile and which have positive effects. Values are important part of our lives because they influence and determine what we believe, hold to and stand for.

The Importance Of Values

In civic education, Value is very important and to the society too. Here are general importance of values:

1. Values guide our conduct, judgement, choices and our relationship with other people.

2. Values give direction and purpose to our personal lives and society as a whole.

3. Values influence our attitude, actions, reactions and feelings towards other people.

4. Values ensure and enhance good behavioural relationship.

5. Understanding and believing our values give a sense of happiness and contentment.

6. Understanding and recognizing our societal values help us to resist the pressure to conform to other people’s values that are not acceptable.

7. Values guide in decision making.

8. It enhances and improve self-esteem and feelings in the society.

Sources Of Our Values

We derive our values from many sources. These include:

1. Our family side
2. School
3. Community
4. Churches/Mosques
5. Wealth experience
6. Cultural heritage
7. Peer/Age group
8. Place of work or economic life
9. Political meetings and gatherings.
10. Press, radio, television, Newspapers and other publications.

Manifestations Of Values

There are various levels of manifestation of values in the individual, community and society as a whole. The manifestations of values are seen in our lives, actions, conduct or character.

Our Individual values affect and determine what we do in respect to decision making, relationship with the opposite sex and others. If we live a decent life, we will surely relate with decent people. If our moral values are high, we will be careful on how we relate with the opposite sex.

Our personal values makes us become whom we want to be, do and equally live the kind of life we want. It makes us more useful and responsible in the society. Our personal values affect our choice of career and the educational institution we will attend after secondary school.

Understanding of one’s personal values will help the person to respect and appreciate the rights and views of other people in the society.

It is still our personal values that will help us to contribute effecrively to anything that will promote positive values like honesty, respect, discipline, diligence, harmony, tolerance and obedience to rules and regulations.

Societal Values

What is a societal values?

Societal values are the norms, beliefs, and principles which society has tested and approved and expects from its members. A society has laws, rules and regulations that control the conduct of its members.

Every member of a society, particularly, the youths, who are regarded as the lfe wire or pillar of the society, should organized themsleves and work hard and effectively contribute to the realization of these cherished values of the society.

Some Of The Cherished Positive Values Of Our Society Are:

1. Honesty and transparency
2. Justice and equity
3. Hard work and diligence
4. Peace and unity in diversity
5. Good educational system
6. Good health car-delivery
7. Progress and development
8. Good and responsible citizens
9. Modesty in behaviour
10. Discipline and self-control.

Negative Values In The Society

These are some Negative values in society, but the government, through various agencies, is fighting vices. This is because they are damaging the good name and image of the country. Some of them include;

1. Bribery and corruption
2. Tribalism
3. Armed robbery
4. Kidnapping
5. Human trafficking
6. Drug addiction
7. Exam malpractice
8. Electoral malpractice
9. Electoral Fraud
10. Ritual killings
11. Prostitution
12. Indecent dressing
13. Cultism etc.

Our young people need to be reorientated and redirected on the right path to life. All well-meaning patriots of this great country must join hands in fighting these vices in the country. Bodies and agencies such as: EFCC, ICPC, NAFDAC, NOA, NDLEA etc.

Factors That Promote Good Value System

What are the factors that promote good value in civic education? Here they are:

1. Consistency: Consistency means the state of always being same in thought, words and behavious, keeping to the same principles, being regular and unchanging. This is the kind of character expected of a good and responsible citizen, who understands his personal values and those of society.

2. Tolerance: This is the quality which makes us allow people to express their views or do things in their own way, thougj, though we may not agree with them. A tolerant person will continue to work with other people even when he does not like their way or style of life.

3. Fairness: This is the quality of being just and honest in one’s dealing with others. There is no room for partiality and favouritism. An individual, who possesses the virtue of fairness, is regarded as one with good values.

4. Intergrity: It is the virtue of being honest and firm in one’s moral principles. Integrity is necessary for the well being and progress of the society and it promotes good values.

5. Trust: It is a belief or willingness to believe that one can rely on the goodness, strength, ability of somebody to do something committed into his/her hand to do. This quality is needed by our leaders and those at the head. This factor promotes good values of society.