Meaning Of Political Culture: Definition, Types And Components Of Political Culture

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning And Definition Of Political Culture
  • Types And Components Of Political Culture

What Is Political Culture?

Political culture is the way the member of a political community behave in their political activities. It also involved the conditions and beliefs which scopes the people’s mindset towards their political community. It is also defined as the belief and attitude of people towards politics.

Some countries with developed and established political cultures are USA, France, Britain, etc.

Component Of Political Culture

1. Cognitive Orientation: This has to do with the beliefs of the people about the political system involving the government and their roles.

2. Evaluative Orientation: This means the extent to which people can evaluate or assess the activities of those in power. The function of any political system is subject to evaluation and this goes a long way in determining their efficiency and acceptability of their policies.

3. Affective Orientation: This has to do with the feelings, support and loyalty of the people towards the activities and performance of the government.

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