How To Make Money From Scent Leaf Farming In Ghana

Scent leaf farming in Ghana can earn you $1000 months
if you do it in a big way.

While most people are looking
around for the type of business to do and make money,
many do not know how lucrative it would be for them to
look towards vegetable farming in Ghana.

The demand for
vegetables in Ghana is very high and no amount you
produced that will be enough.

Scent leave is used for the preparation of various Ghanaian
and African foods such as pepper soup, Yam
porridge, vegetable soup, and other types of soups.

are very good and women are always out in search for it in
the markets.

Apart from the wonderful aroma that this leaf gives, it is
also used as traditional medicine because scent leaf is
known and believed to take care of good number of
ailments such as lowering blood sugar levels and high
blood pressure.

It is also used for the treatment of piles, gonorrhea
infections even for vaginal douches (vaginitis) and other
health problems.

Apart from all these benefits, scent leaf is
a highly priced vegetable but the only thing that make
people not to pay much attention to the market values of
the leaf is what I don’t know. Maybe be ignorance!

How Lucrative Is Scent Leaf Farming In

One secret that We also learned during our discussions with
scent leaf farmers is that it pays to grow vegetable during
the dry season because it is usually scarce within that

If properly cultivated and taken care of by watering
it during the dry season, you will earn back all that you
might have put into growing it in multiple fold.

In this series of vegetable coverage, our findings takes
further to yet another good vegetable that is widely used
and which is also on higher demands.

Few among other
tribes in Ghana used to think that this vegetable is only
known to the Only Nigerian people, which is not completely true
but just that they eat it much more than any other African Country.

Scent Leaf can be grown with other seasonal
vegetables for maximal profit and return on investment.

is not hard to grow most of these vegetables which could
take care of some major or minor expenses at home
depending on how serious a person is with it.

Gone are the days when farmers of various types are said
to be heavily associated with poverty and illiteracy.

your eyes and see where the trends are going and stop
depending on follies while you can do something to help
alleviate the situation for the better.

White collar jobs will always remain what it is, white collar
—- which often whiten the pockets and expose the person
to the sad realities of life.

Farming generally give farmers
some unusual edges over others.

Farming takes one closer
to nature and make you a lot of money at the same time.

You can start the business with at least $50
depending on the size of your land which is usually free
because those swampy areas are mostly government
owned property belonging to the Army or other
governmental agencies.

It is always best to go into vegetable farming during the dry
seasons from late September to March and when you do,
you will be surprised that what you started with little
amount of money can turn out to be something else before
the rainy season comes.

No need to be afraid of being harassed by anyone as long
as what you are doing does not cause any harm to the
environment but instead helps in taking good cares of it.