Main Features Or Characteristics Of Democracy (10 Features)

They features of democracy are:

1. Political Liberty: Equal political right to vote and be voted for in an election.

2. Periodic Elections: Elections are held from time to time to elect the leaders and representatives.

3. Political Parties: Existence of organised political parties to form government.

4. Decision Making: Majority rule in the country and the rights of the minority must be recognised in the area of decision making.

5. Provision Of Opportunities: Democracy provides opportunities for an individual to develop his or her personality. It provides access to knowledge and free education, security against unemployment for working condition etc.

6. Rule Of Law: There should be equality of all people before the law. No one is above the law.

7. Supremacy Of The Constitution: The constitution should be supreme and above every other consideration in any political system.

8. Separation Of Powers: There should be the application of the principles of separation of powers whereby powers are decentralised to the organs of government both in functions and in personnels.

9. Fundamental Human Rights: The rights of an individuals should be protected and guaranteed.

10. Independence Of The Judiciary: The judiciary should be free and independent of other organs of government. E.g, The executive and the legislature.