Latest Business Opportunities In Ghana

Here are some of the latest business opportunities in Ghana that any entrepreneur both home and abroad who really wants to do good business and make money must seriously give a thought.

Some of them are never seen before while some are well known but not yet fully exploited.

Whichever way, these businesses is guaranteed to make solid income for you.

Ghana’s business landscape is improving day by day despite the obvious setback of infrastructural deficits in the country.

A lot of Ghanaians abroad are coming home to invest while foreigners are equally showing faith in the countries economy by bringing in new businesses on daily bases.

So, now is the time to spread your eggs into multiple baskets and in case you are ready to do that,

Below is some of the latest business opportunities in Ghana right now:

1. Entertainment Business

If you are experienced in show business and understands
Ghanaian entertainment industry very well, there are so
many business opportunities available in the industry that
are yet untapped. Examples Are:

i. Talent Agency

ii. Record Label

iii. Film Production

iv. Film/Music Distribution

v. Show Promoters

vi. Entertainment Bloggers

vii. Recording Studio etc…

2. Online/Internet Base Business

Internet business in
Ghana Is a mega
million dollar industry. Examples Are:

i. E-Commerce

ii. Online Video Sharing

iii. Blogging In Ghana

3. Hospitality and Tourism

As Ghana is developing so is the hospitality and tourism
industry and therein lays great business opportunities that
is suitable for both big and small investors. Examples Are:

Hotel Leasing – This is top business anywhere in the
world; so good that even most big name hotels are
operating on lease.

It’s not all the time that the structure is
actually built by the hotel that operates them.

Now, this is
where the business opportunity is:

There are many hotels in Ghana with good income
potential but badly managed, and some of them are in
dilapidated condition. You can lease these hotels and turn
them into money making machine.

Amusement Center – You know how fun it is to be in
amusement centers? But what you don’t know is how
profitable the business is.

The demand for fun centers in
Ghana is currently on the increase, making it one of the
latest business opportunity is the country right now.

Other Business Opportunities:

Event Places

Upscale Supermarkets

Haulage Business

Farming Business

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