How To Start Plantain Farming In Ghana

Are you interested in starting a plantain farming in Ghana? Do you want to know the cost analysis of plantain farming in Ghana? Read On!!!, Because through this article you will find out how Profitable plantain farming is_in Ghana..

Plantain farming in Ghana is an easy-to-use start business with lots of mouth-watering benefits. Plantain is one of the most consumed crop in Ghana. Many plantain farmers in Ghana are not willing to let others know the Profitability of plantain farming, they tend to keep it as a secret. But the fact is that this business is as easy as ABCD. The only thing plantain farm demands from you is care and maintenance. The good thing about this business is that, it does not require you spend much for the maintenance.

Do you know that plantains sells very fast in markets? If you doubt, just visit any local markets early in the morning, you will see how plantains are being rushed, Plantain are a high demand product, It can be fried, cooked or boiled And average Ghanaians enjoy it as a food. Plantain farming made very easy through this article, Keep reading to find more interesting facts about plantain farming in Ghana.

Challenges Of Plantain Farming In Ghana

Plantain farming has it own challenges and it can be prevented as well. It is very important for you to know those challenges involve in plantain farming before you venture into it.

1. Pest and Diseases.

2. Unavailability/Inadequate farmland.

3. Unhealthy suckers.

4. Financial problems.

5. Storage problems.

How Profitable Is Plantain Farming In Ghana

Plantain farming is very profitable, but the Profitability depends on how you maintained it.

Your Return On Investment (Profitability):
You make profits base on two ways:

(a) Sale of plantain fruits:

(b) Sale of suckers: Each plantains produces 6 to 8 suckers.

We believe this simple analysis will give you good reasons to start a Plantain Farm In Ghana.

Reasons To Start A Plantain Farming In Ghana

1. To add contribution in eradicating poverty in Ghana.

2. To expose the idea of the Profitability involves in plantain farming.

3. To eliminate idleness and create job opportunities.

4. To be self-independent.

5. To reveal the economic importance of plantain farming to other peoples.

6. And most especially to reduce financial crisis.


(1) Selecting The Farmland: When choosing the farmland, ensure that the land is loamy, Because plantain needs loamy soil for good productivity. In fact, the land needs to be fertile.

(2) Preparing The Farmland: Now that you have gotten the land fits for plantain farming, You need to know the farm practices that should be carried out before planting. You clear the land by removing unnecessary trees, bushes, grasses & boulders. The land should be plough to fit in for any plantation, this is very important to create more space for the plantation. You should allow some trees to remain in order to protect the plants from sun/wind.

(3) Buy The Suckers And Planting: Buy healthy suckers that will yield good result. Plantain suckers should be planted after preparing the farmland, It is advisable to plant plantains throughout the rainy season. The hole for planting should be about 30cm × 30cm × 30cm. You can dig the holes with shovels and should be space about 6 to 9 feet (Depending on fruit production or sucker production), Put the suckers in the hole dug and the corn covered with soil.

(4) Application Of Fertilizer And Manure: The plantain plantation to boost their growth and productivity. It is very important to provide the plants with manures or organic fertilizers. The application should be done after 4 to 5 weeks of planting. You can mix both the fertilizer and manures together.

(5) Eliminating Weeds: You can eliminate plantain weeds by using weed control, either chemical or mechanical method. The weed should be weed out after 1 or 2 weeks of fertilizer application. Also maintain your Plantain Farm for good growth.

(6) Harvesting And Marketing: Plantain takes 1 year or 1½ year to reach it harvest. Once you harvest them, the next plan will be how to sell them off. But don’t worry as the market demand is very high. You can sell your plantains at local markets.


These are the best guide for small scale and commercial plantain farming in Ghana. Start your plantain farm Now and avoid procrastination. This is one of the best agribusiness for Investment.

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