How To Start A Wood/Plank Business In Ghana

The more you know about the unique characteristics of woods
and its sources, the better you can cherish the degree of
warmth and beauty it brings to our everyday lives and the more
you become more of appreciative of wood.

Woods are used in
making doors, photo frames, toothpicks, furniture, papers, it is
used in constructing buildings, it is used in almost every

Woods are classified into two, the hard wood and the soft

A type of hardwood is the Mahogany, there are different grades
and species under this name which vary widely in quality and

Mahogany is the hardest, strongest, and the best quality
type of hard wood. It has a reddish brown color. It is a perfect
wood for furnishing, mostly used in crafting furniture.

A type of softwood is the Cedar wood, it has a red-brown
color. Its repellent qualities have made it a popular wood for
lining drawers.

Wood business in Ghana is a lucrative one. While it is capital
intensive, the demand and rate of turnover is high in the

Wood business can enrich you quickly, all it requires of
you is to be focused. Are you interested in threading the path
of success in wood business? Please read on carefully.

Locate a sawmill

As soon as you locate a sawmill (i.e. plank selling market),
join their association. There is an automatic and immediate
network of potential clients and vendors that will be needed to
run the wood/ plank business.

Be active immediately and find
out issues about the business and how you can get involved

Inquire on how to buy wood

Inquiring on how to buy different types of woods means you
have to carefully learn about where to buy your logs of wood

Cost of Starting The Business

Wood/plank business is a lucrative business. You Can Start on a small
scale investor, Medium scale investor or large scale investor.

Where to Market The Products

Sourcing for market means inquiring where and how to supply
your wood/planks.

Network with other suppliers and become a
part of them immediately.

Search for industries in need of
wood products they will appreciate to find the best suppliers
for the lowest costs, so always make sure your woods are

How to Invest Your Capital

As a large scale wood merchant, you will have to invest your
capital wisely by

i. Locating the Ministry of Forestry to be apportioned a portion
in the forest/bush where you can directly cut down your logs of
wood, and then become a hammer holder.
ii. Employ an experienced operator whose job is to cut down
logs of wood.

iii. Buy a tractor to drag logs of wood out of the bush.

iv. Buy a 6-tyre truck for transporting the logs of woods from
the forest to your sawmill.

v. Buy a sawmill operating machine to saw your wood into
different sizes.

vi. Most importantly buy a generator of about 30

Other Expenses

Transporting your wood from the forest is not free of charge
though you have all your instruments to work with.

the ministry of forestry will still charge you for moving the
woods out of its boundaries. Learn state and federal
freight rules and all taxation required.

As a business owner,
you need to know running cost in order to know what to charge
for a finished product.

Having this information will make you know how to
consistently make profit. As a Wood business owner,
you will be transporting wood on state and federal
highways at a cost.

Fuel will also be part of this cost along
with the maintenance of the transporting vehicle.

Selling of your wood

Walk in customers will surely locate you at the sawmill where
your woods are, but it is also necessary you source for
customers locally and internationally, your customers could be
individuals or group of companies that make use of wood

Apart from being your own boss, you will make a
whooping profit by investing in wood business.