How To Start A Vulcanizer Work In Ghana

Vulcanizing Works is one of the Profitable and Lucrative Business in Ghana.

Not every driver can change a car tyre. Though not a big deal, every driver needs a Vulcanizer. Changing and sealing of car tires is the job specialization of Vulcanizers.

Vulcanizer business entails the fixing, pumping and gauging of car tires for people.

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In this business, you will be involved in remove a rim from tires, then the tyre, pump a tyre itself, ready for inspection and sealing and/or pumping.

A Vulcanizer is one that pumps tyres by the roadside. Vulcanizer work can be started by any age group, maybe (17years), the business does not really need that special experience, but you have to be very careful In order not to cause undue damage to other important parts of the tyre.



The most important thing is capital.

You must Consider The expenses before getting started.


The next step is getting the needed equipment.

Without the equipment you cannot operates as the business relies solely on it. There are various brands in the market which comes with different prices.


This aspect is very important to any vulcanizer.

Choose a location where you will be patronized on a regular basis.

Go for a spot close to major roads, highways. Aside deflated tyres, some vehicle owners pump their tyres up to standard keeping to the saying that protection is better than cure.

This will boost the daily income of any serious vulcanizer.


You need to get trained on vulcanizing servicing. The trainings don’t take too long. At least between 3 weeks everything must have mastered you.

As said earlier, every business has the potential to be attractive and great if you put your effort and creativity into it.

We see a great opportunity in this business for you to succeed as an entrepreneur in this field.

You can even make hundreds or thousands of naira daily from this business if you are serious about it.

Keeping a profitable business has to do with how much you can manage. It also involves your income amidst expenses that may set in at intervals and your capacity to manage risks. You must be very calculative and avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Also, have daily savings!!!

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