How To Start A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

Globalization and technology has improved the supply chain process making importation much easier and faster in Nigeria. There are lots of goods or products that are sourced and imported into this country everyday to be sold for profits.

Goods ranging from heavy machinery, vehicles, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, used clothing in full container loads etc are imported into the country with huge capital to be sold , however with the right information, one can also make some passive income through a low capital mini importation.

What Is Mini Importation Business?

Mini importation here refers to other importation activities that might not involve huge capital and full containers of products but instead boxes or parcels of products.

Remember the old adage that “everything has a price”? well so does everything has a potential market dependent on how you market those goods. Big shops like DHGate, dealextreme, aliexpress, bestbuy, amazon, walmart, ebay etc offer great deals on products online. Aliexpress for instance is one
of the biggest online platforms where you can source for products and ship to Nigeria, It is rumored to be bigger than America’s Walmart now.

With as little as N20,000 to N50,000, one can start a mini importation business here in Nigeria and make more than 90% returns on initial investments. Certain goods in vogue now such as watches, bracelets, wallets, electronics (phones and tablets), spy cameras etc can be shopped online and shipped to Nigeria to be sold.

Requirement For Starting A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

These are what you would need to start this business:

1. A mail box address (post office box number), to be able to really enjoy some free shipping services offered by some sellers online, it would be important to have a post office box number which would serve as your delivery address when processing your shipments. You could get a personal box number here in Nigeria for less than a N6500.

Also you could use an express courier service at an extra cost in which case you might not need this box number. When shopping from a US shop too you could arrange for shipments through a third party logistics company (thus if the shop you are shopping from does not ship directly to Nigeria).

2. Another very important requirement for online shopping is a VISA enabled prepaid card . This card is very important to make payments as most online shops accepts VISA cards .In this day and age of online hacking, It is advisable to use a prepaid card that is not linked to your personal bank account, banks like GT Bank,UBA, FirstBank etc could give you this card for as little as N2000, you then load it with any amount you want. However, if you are a big risk taker you can use the VISA enabled ATM card which is linked to your personal bank account.

3. The last thing needed is access to the internet, a smart phone, a lap top or a cyber café. This is important because you may have to take your time to source for the goods online, take enough time to go through other offers from different sellers and some times even chat with some sellers. With regards the time difference with some of this countries, having a personal lap top or smart phone could be an added advantage since you can chat with sellers at anytime.

Meeting all the above requirements, you would then be able to shop for goods online and ship to Nigeria to be sold in order to make some profit.

How To Source,Shop And Ship Online Goods To Nigeria (Mini Importation)

So now you have all what is needed to start a mini importation business. A mail box, a VISA prepaid card and access to the internet (through a smart phone, laptop or cyber café) the next major thing now is how to actually shop online and ship to Nigeria.

1. When shopping online ,its important to be patient and go through other choices or options from different sellers. An online shopping platform like aliexpress has lots of vendors and its advisable to consider other sellers as some offer better deals than others.

Shopping on some of this platforms has the buyers market effect (thus the buyer has the option of so many sellers and hence the buyer has the upper hand in choosing whom he wants). So check other options.

2. Also ,when shopping for the goods especially on a platform like aliexpress, you should always check out the products with the “free Shipping” option as this gives you the opportunity to get your goods without paying hugely for shipping it would however take between 20 to 30 days to receive your goods. But you can also opt to pay for shipping in which case your goods would arrive much earlier.

3. Another important thing is that, after you have decided on the seller with the best offer, involve the seller in a private chat to discuss other discount and shipments arrangements that he might have for you.

4. When you are now fully satisfied with your order , you proceed to check out where you would be required to enter your payments details. Follow the instructions to enter this details , its important to have a good internet connectivity to prevent multiple clicking during payments which might lead to multiple payments.

5. It’s also important to note that Aliexpress and Dealxtreme for instance acts as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer and hence your payments is actually held in trust by the online shop until you (the seller) confirm receipt of the goods in the exact same shape or type as advertised by the seller. The seller therefore would give you a 60 day purchase cover in which to confirm the receipt of the goods. You could open a dispute if goods are not received or are very different from what you ordered or as advertised hence there should be no cause for alarm as your payments is safe.

With the above steps completed, the next challenge would be how to market the products you imported in other to make some profits. Remember again everything has a potential market. You can market your product online and offline through: Building brands, Internet adverts, Through social media, Email marketing, Television and Radio Adverts.

You should develop your sales and marketing strategy; Choose the one that really works for you. Know your target market and set goals.

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