How To Start A Lucrative Used Phones Business In Ghana

A lot of people make a living selling used phones.

Majority of people in this part of the world buy used phones. The choice of used phones is masterminded by the cost of new ones.

This market system has not only provided user alternatives, but means of living too. Offering opportunity to those who wish to survive the economic break down through self employment.

Listed below are some of the processes involve in starting this business:


The most important aspect of this venture is your location.
Where you are, determines how many people who come
asking “how much?” Before you think of starting a used
phone business, your primary consideration should be your


Every communication device is sensitive. Learning will help
you to fit into this system of technology. To know when a
phone is good, to know what the market price is, to know
what exactly you need to go for, We mean what the market
really wants.


Now you have to get something to showcase. The market
knowledge you have acquired will guide you.

Usually how
the new ones come in vogue determines the success of the
used. But however, you should buy phones according to
the needs of people around you.


This is the most critical aspect of buying. The readily
available sources of purchase don’t sell with much
discount. Most people who are successful in this line of
business have sources overseas, that helps them to get it
cheap and make it affordable.

Therefore, the source of
supply is one of those things you need to consider before
you start.


The success of every business like this depends on
customer relationship. Your customer’s satisfaction
therefore should be your priority. The price, the quality, the
smile on your face will make it happen.

The best advert
isn’t that seen on TV, but testimony based on experience. A
well treated customer begets adverts.


Phones, like every other device is problem prone. Even new
ones aren’t exempted. When your customers bring reports
of problems, check it out and fix it. One lost customer
makes a hole on your road to success.


It’s apparent that used phones don’t come with
accessories. So sell them as well. It will make it easy for
your customers, saving them the time to go about looking
for accessories for their phones. It also will help your
financial well being.


The more money you make the more thoughts of expansion
you should entertain. Your growth wouldn’t come if you
remain where you started.

Look for other strategic
locations, employ reliable sales reps, run media ads if you
have to.

Always think of how you can make progress.

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