How To Start A Local Restaurant Business In Ghana

Restaurant business is one of the business that has been creating millionaires in Ghana for decades. There will always be the need for places to eat out. You can take advantage of this opportunity and start your own restaurant business in Ghana today.

The restaurant business in Ghana and many other places around the world is one of the most lucrative ventures to start up. This is largely a result of the insatiable worldwide demand for food, which doesn’t just make it a highly profitable business for building entrepreneurs, but also one of the best recession proof business ideas to explore.

The demand for food worldwide has no respect for social classes. Both the rich and poor have to feed, and as such, must spend money on food. A majority of the small and middle class citizens patronise mini-roadside restaurants for their daily staple meals. While a bulk of the upper middle class and rich, spend more time on high-class fast food restaurants.

Small Scale Restaurant is very easy to start and low capital intensive. It can even go together with Beer Parlour business but we prefer it as a stand-alone business because, not everyone is comfortable eating in a beer parlour. Being one of the few businesses that is not affected by any economic meltdown – People must eat no matter how poor they are, no matter the situation they are, even if unemployed. Anyone can eat even if it is with the last penny he or she can afford, that’s what make restaurant business very lucrative. Serious investors should give it a serious look.

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What It Means To Run A Restaurant Business

Running a fast food restaurant business or an eatery, means always having food and drinks ready to be served in exchange for money, as soon as your customers demand it. The food would usually be served and eaten in the restaurant’s premises, but could also be packaged for a take-away or home delivery service.


There are four major types of restaurants….

1. Road Side Restaurants

These are by far the most patronised and popular
types of restaurants in Ghana and many parts of
Africa. They’re usually small sheds located in
almost every street in an African city, and are
usually about one or two per street, owned by
different individuals.
The middle class and lower level citizens patronise
these restaurants a lot, largely because of the size
of the meal and low pricing.

2. Fast Food Restaurants

These are the second most popular types of
restaurants in Ghana, but the most popular types of
restaurants in the world. Their speed, convenience,
and fair prices makes them a popular choice for so
many people.

3. Food Truck Restaurants

Food truck restaurants serve quick snacks and
meals from a truck. The truck could be stationary or
in motion, but are largely used because of their low
cost and low overhead, which makes it easy to
quickly open a food truck restaurant business.
The ability for the food truck to go where ever the
customers are, also gives it an edge over other
types of restaurants. Its staffing needs are also low,
making it a perfect low cost method to start up a
restaurant in busy areas like markets, universities,
and more.

4. Dinning Restaurants

These are the luxury type of restaurants where the
tables are usually dressed in white clothing, a menu is
presented upon settling in a table, a waiter is
always available to tend to your needs, and your
payment is only collected after your meal and night
out is over.
The atmosphere in these type of restaurants are
always unique, the music is always perfect, and the
service cost is always high.
The fine dining restaurant business is always
targeted to the upper class citizens of every

How To Start A Restaurant Business


Picking the right restaurant niche depends on your
personality. Are you a person who loves hanging
around people? Do you prefer to be in the kitchen?
What drives you naturally?

You also need to determine if you can eventually
work with the routine involved in the particular type
of restaurant you intend to start up. If the routine is not working for you or you are not following up, you better back off choosing a different type of
restaurant business to start.


After choosing the type of restaurant
business you want to start with, the next thing to do is to choose a great
location to setup your first branch. Some factors
you need to consider before finding a location are:

1. Accessibility to customers.

2. Proximity of other competitors.

3. Car parking facilities.

4. The cost of rent

5. Potential sales volume


When it comes to restaurant, Appearance is everything that matters and it apply to most people out there too. We can hardly eat in a place that doesn’t look nice;

Make sure your restaurant is well furnished to taste. The quality of your food and the type of cook you cook can be perceive through your restaurant furniture. Yes Is Possible.

You can get a local carpenter who (with proper supervision) will do very good furniture at lower cost for you. Don’t Go for plastic chairs and tables, it makes your restaurant look unorganized, cheap, and untidy. But if that’s what you can afford, then you go for it.


You should not buy something childish like plastic plates. Many people might reject the food no matter how good it looks if you serve it in plastic plates and spoon. Apart from the fact that they look cheap and childish, the tendency of dirt hiding somewhere and the plate being discolored is high.
Ceramic and Breakables are the preferred type you should go for and they are not very expensive. Feeding is a very sensitive thing and a lot of people don’t take what goes into their stomach lightly, it’s not just about filling the stomach, it’s about satisfaction, health, and enjoyment. While you make effort to prepare good foods for your customers, make sure you don’t ridicule your effort with cheap plates because, food look and taste better when served in a better plate.

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Find individuals who are skilled in cooking delicious meal.

People will fall in love with your food if they are well cooked
and taste great, make sure the Cook you intend to employ or hire knows how to cook different types of meal perfectly.

It is very important that you specifically
outline what you want your team members (Your Cooks either chefs/waiters)to
achieve, so you can focus only on finding those
traits when you’re going through your recruitment


1. Capital

2. Good Location

3. Ability to Cook

4. Well Furnished Restaurant Center


1. It is one of those businesses that you can start small
and then grow big. You might not need millions to
kick off.

2. Availability of food And Drinks.

3. Is A great source of income.

4. Give chance to network with high profile and upper class individuals.

5. Employment Opportunities.

Figuring out how to start a restaurant business in
Ghana or anywhere else around the world may not
be as hard as you think, but running it successfully is
where the tough work comes in. If you plan to start
and run a restaurant business successfully in
Ghana, Africa, or anywhere else around the world,
you need to understand its pros and cons
thoroughly, so you can put in the right amount of
effort and dedication to make it a success.
Wishing you Success!!!

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