How To Start A Foodstuff Supply To Hotels In Ghana

Have you been looking for that dream job that has never come true?

Perhaps you have been thinking of going into business but afraid of limited capital, well here is an opportunity for you to actualize that dream and make profit on that little capital.

Ever thought of being a food supplier to hotels? In fact, is a fast and lucrative growing business in Ghana.

Virtually every day, one or more buildings are been constructed for this purpose and with less attention on what goes on there, ranging from fresh produce, pastry items, beef, seafood, dry good, wines and champagne etc.

Basically, most hotels if not all are in need of these items and demand for suppliers are increasing by the day, that people in general are not conscious of.

Here are some of the basic need of most hotels in Ghana, basically like we mention on the onset that food supply is a major and an ongoing process in hotel and the ability to meet the demand is what matters most.

To be successful in food supply, you need to offer a hotel to hotel service, because there are many hotels who often run out of stock as a result of more customer which required that they may be in need of some certain goods.

So the door to door approach will help you to meet up to their daily demands, and most hotel managers are really embracing this method because it help them not to run out of stock, since most of their demand ranging from perishable to solid, it requires that a daily if not hourly demand is required.

This Article Gonna Be Quick And Brief But Understandable.


As the number of hotels increase so is the need for supply and the demand for more goods and service; thereby creating room for more supply and to sustain your dealership with our client (hotels) you need to be proactive.


Hotel is not a ritual place but a relaxation or leisure hub. Unlike before when people pay little or no attention to health and the need to find time for fun.

Even the holy books say that their is time for everything , so people create time which has contributed to increase in hotels and customers leading to more demand of supply and service by hotel managers.

Take a bold step today and walk into any hotel, ask for the hotel manager (which of course is not a spirit but human like you), introduce yourself to him/her perhaps with a business card, let him know how vast and dependable you are and your ability to supply fresh commodities, which brings us to market survey before embarking on seeing the hotel manager.


Depending on your location We believe there must be a major market around, which you can go and negotiate for wholesale price, base on your bargain power you may get it less than the usual amount, especially if you are dealing directly with the wholesaler or may even go beyond the market to the producer, this way you obtain the good at a relatively reduce price, after which you begin the process of your budget.


Sequel to all above, based on where you live and how far or near you are to the market or producer will depend on your budget.


In every good business lies it risk, but this can be managed as long as the parties involved are cooperating very well.

As a supplier, your aim is to satisfy your partners. Be punctual, diligent, and honesty with their terms of demand, it will be a plus for you.

Be aware that any discrepancy on your part may result to termination of contract, so be sure to always meet up to their time.

Don’t supply less or more as this could make them view you as incapable.

Delay on the supply of any goods could constitute to emergency on their part. when you can’t meet up, be sure to make alternative arrangement on time.

Imagine starving and ordering for meal only to be inform that your order is not available, of course that will dampen your zeal, feeling disappointed. You may not want to lodge or even go there again.

In this case, the hotel has lost a customer and in turn will not tell good on you, and that’s not a good business force to reckon with.

Our goal is to help all unemployed to be employed and by extension an employer of labor, because if you have many demand and supply definitely you will need more hands.

Don’t sit at home to wait for that white-collar job that may never come, take advantage of this opportunity.

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