How To Start A Creche And Daycare Center In Ghana

The number of full-time housewives in Africa’s urban areas
in on a rapid decline. Unlike anytime in its history, more
African women are working at paid jobs or running their
own small businesses.

As a result of this trend, there is a
growing opportunity for services like creche and daycare
Center businesses.

More middle class families can now
afford these services and appreciate the value it brings to
their children’s early mental and emotional development.

The creche and daycare center service business is a
venture that can be run from your home.

It is an exciting
and fulfilling prospect for anyone with a passion and
natural energy for children.

This article explores everything
you need to know to get your daycare center business in
Ghana off the ground.

What exactly is a Crèche/ Daycare Service

For those who do not know, creches (or nurseries) are
facilities where care is given to babies, toddlers and young

Daycare center (also referred to as ‘child care’ or
‘preschool’) is where care is given to a child.

The center
can be run during the day (or night) by a person who is not
their parent.

Babysitting is done in the child’s home.

Daycare services require the child to be taken to a different
location during specific periods.

This service is render
especially when the parents are at work or traveled.

Children between the ages of one and six are popular
candidates for these services.

Daycare center services can
range from simple babysitting to a more formal structure
that includes preschool education, child development,
discipline and excursions.

Why the Demand for Creche and Daycare

The demand for creche and daycare center is growing
across Ghana because people living in urban areas need
the services.

As the size and number of Africa’s cities grow,
convenience services like daycare will continue to flourish.

Over 500 million Africans now live in cities and 400 million
more are expected over the next 20 years.

Africa’s rapid
urbanization is creating a lot of opportunities for
convenience service providers (like daycare centers,
laundry/dry cleaning services , etc) who help to reduce the
burden on the busy and complex lives of growing families
in the cities.

Providing day care for children is a big and serious
responsibility. A creche and daycare service provides
entrepreneurs with an opportunity to pursue a socially
conscious, challenging and fulfilling business.

Follow these
steps to get started.

Step by Step Guide to Start a Creche and
Daycare Center

In this section, we shall take a close look at all the things
you’ll need to transform this idea into a real-life, profitable

Step 1: Find out what the Law Requires

Some African countries may have laws which regulate
creches and day care services.

These laws may require day
care operators to be licensed or certified by the authority or
professional association.

Most of these laws and
regulations have become necessary to discourage and
punish any form of child abuse. As a result, the strict
guidelines may often increase the cost of running a daycare
center business.

Some of these regulations specify the
minimum space and staffing requirements, the maximum
number of children that can be admitted (depending on
space), types of toys, mandatory documentation and many
other things.

These strict regulations are responsible for the low profit
margins experienced by daycare businesses in many

It’s very important that you check with the
authority to understand what the law requires from day
care operators in your area.

Getting shut down by the
authorities after you have opened for business may cost
you a lot of money and your reputation.

In Ghana however, much regulation is not required. You
can get your daycare center started before seeking
approval where necessary.

Step 2: Get a Good location

Getting the right location for your crèche/daycare center
can often mean the difference between success and failure.

The ideal location for a daycare center is safe, clean,
accessible and close to the homes or offices of the parents.

Although a day care operation can be home-based or in a
dedicated facility around shopping malls, industrial and
office areas, it’s important to ensure that all the potential
dangers that could affect your business can be avoided.

In addition to a good location, the building or space used
for a crèche should have all the necessary facilities. A few
of these include: kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, beds,
blankets, toys and outdoor playgrounds.

While designing or
modeling your crèche, you must always keep in mind that
you need to create an atmosphere that appeals to parents
and makes children happy and comfortable.

If parents do
not like the feel of your crèche, they may not use or
recommend it to others.

Step 3: Hire the Right Type of Staff

Apart from good location and full facilities, the people who
run the daycare center will be key to the success.

essential that your staff is empathetic, sensitive, patient,
and have a natural energy and love for children.

Above all,
your staff must have the success of your business at heart
all times .

This means building and maintaining good
reputation which is essential for daycare center business.
Your reputation is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to
advertise your services and get new customers.

Training in basic care giving and first aid is very important
for your staff.

Negligence and ignorance can often lead to
avoidable accidents and mishaps at the Center (which you
don’t want).

If you have the passion and some of the
qualities we talked about above, you could run the crèche
yourself or hire someone to do it for you. An experienced
nanny, a middle-aged or retired nanny

Step 4: Develop a Valuable Curriculum
and Routine

Parents always expect good value for the fees you charge
for your day care services. If parents can see an
improvement in the mental, emotional and physical
development of their kids, they will continue to hire your
services and gladly recommend you to family, friends,
neighbors and colleagues.

To help the kids develop mentally, work out a routine that
encourages and engages their curiosity.

Teaching simple
rhymes, songs, numbers and alphabets helps to develop the
memory of children and aids their language learning ability.

Puzzles and games are very popular with young kids and
helps them to learn shapes and colors. Dancing is another
great way to hold their attention while they learn.

interesting day care experience allows kids to bond, make
friends and look forward to coming back the next day.

You’re very likely to retain the parent’s interest if their
children are interested.

Attention to Children is Important

Proper attention, affection, order and discipline are critical
to the emotional development of children.

It’s important
that the kids under your care learn good manners and are
able to interact well with their peers.

Physical health is also
as important in your crèche. You must ensure that high
standard of hygiene is maintained if decide to serve meals.

The food has to be nourishing, tasty and contain a well-
balanced diet that will support child growth.

And should a
child contract a contagious illness (like chicken pox, cough
etc.), it’s important that you stop them from attending the
creche until they are fully recovered.

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