How To Start A Banana Farming In Zimbabwe

Are you interested in starting a banana farming in Zimbabwe? Do you want to know the requirements for starting a banana farming? If YES, Them this article will provide the basic information about banana farming business.

Banana farming and Plantain Farming have the same similarities, And we have written article on plantain farming in Zimbabwe, we will also use the same article for this banana farming in Zimbabwe.

Banana farming is very easy to start and has lots of benefits, Banana is one of the most consumed fruit in Zimbabwe and sells very fast just like plantains. Banana farming in Zimbabwe is very lucrative & it return on investment is excellent. You can be making full income through this profitable fruit farming.

Challenges Of Banana Farming In Zimbabwe

1. Financial problems.

2. Unhealthy suckers.

3. Pest and Diseases.

4. Storage problems.

5. Inadequate land.

Reasons To Start A Banana Farming In Zimbabwe

1. To reveal the economic importance of banana farming in Zimbabwe.

2. To be self-independent.

3. Because banana farming is very lucrative in Zimbabwe.

4. To reduce financial crisis.

5. Creating employment opportunities for Zimbabweans.

Important Benefits Of Banana

Here are the beauty and health benefits of banana:

1. Banana helps to fight anaemia.

2. Banana is a high fibre foods, and any high fibre foods are good for the hearts.

3. Banana helps in food digestion and promote metabolism.

4. It can be used for treatment of acne.

5. Banana is used for skin moisturization.

6. It also helps to remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Banana Varieties

These are varieties of banana for farming;

1. Sucrier (also known as finger banana).

2. Seriorita bananas

3. Lakatan

4. Kunnan

5. Gros Michel

6. Dwarf cavendish

7. Gran nain

8. Vabery

9. Williams

10. Double banana.

How Profitable Is Banana Farming In Zimbabwe

Banana farming in Zimbabwe is very profitable. This is a business where you can be making full income monthly (6 to 7 figures). The high consumption of bananas in Zimbabwe is what makes it very lucrative. The Profitability involves in this business depends on how you manage and maintain your banana farm.


(1) Land Selection: When choosing the farmland, make sure the land is loamy, just like plantains, Banana needs loamy soil for growth and good productivity. The land needs to be fertile.

(2) Prepare The Farmland: After selecting the land fits for banana farming, you have to know some of the practices to be carried out before planting the suckers. The land needs to be cleared (remove the unwanted grasses and clear off bushes). The land should be loosen by ploughing so that it will be suitable for banana farming. Some trees should be left, as it serves as protection from sun and excessive wind.

(3) Getting The Suckers: It is very important to get healthy suckers, because the type of suckers you choose is the number factors that determines your farm productivity. Plant the suckers after preparing the farmland. The suckers should be planted throughout the rainy season. Hole for planting should be about 30cm each, Puth the suckers in the middle of the hole and cover the corn with the soil.

(4) Application Of Fertilizers & Manures: Nutrients is what the banana plantation needs for growth and good productivity. Provide the plants with Manures and fertilizers 4 to 5 weeks of planting.

(5) Weeding: Eliminate the weeds by using weed control, it can be mechanical or by chemical method. This should be done 1 to 2 weeks of fertilizer application.

(6) Harvesting And Marketing: Bananas are harvested after 75 to 85 days from the time of it flower production. After you Harvey your Bananas, The next step of action is to market them, the demand for banana in Zimbabwe is high, So you can sell them in local markets or at your farm.


Banana farming is very lucrative in Zimbabwe. And we believe this article provides the best information about how to start a banana farming in Zimbabwe. You can start on small scale, medium scale or in commercial quantities,. The choice is yours!!!!

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