How to make hair shiny instantly

Are you tired of your dull hair ? or looking for ways to make your hair shiny ? You are at the right place.

These are steps and guides on how to make your hair shiny Instantly:

(1) Washing your hair: You can make your hair shiny by washing it. Don’t wash daily,because it will make your hair lose it nutrients. When washing your hair you should wash it thoroughly remember to reach your scalp.

Avoid too much shampoos and conditioners, wash your hair gently for cool result. Rinse with cold water, wipe off the dripping water from your hair with a towel, then you blow-dry carefully to avoid damage.

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(2) Disperse hair shine spray to your hair: A hair shine spray can also be used to get a shiny hair, It protects hair from damages, It controls frizz and makes the hair to glow. Use hair shine spray for a better result, It also soften the hair giving it different styles as you want.

(3) The use of vinegar: Vinegar is another remedy for a shiny hair. Vinegar is a sour liquid formed by the fermentation of alcohol used as a condiment or preservative. A vinegar makes hair appear shiny and radiant.

We recommend white or apple cider vinegar, It is used after shampooing your hair. It rouse the hair from a state of inactive and gives it a vigorous look.

Mix three tablespoon of vinegar (white or apple cider) with one and half cup of water, use it to plunge your hair after cleaning with water.

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(4) The use of Eggs, Olive oil and Honey: Eggs, Olive oil and Honey has all the nutrients to make the hair shiny, It dries frizz, and makes the hair more thicker thereby preventing hair loss.

Mix two egg whites, two tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey,

Stir them together and apply on your hair, remember to reach your scalp, Cover your hair with towel for 30 minutes, then wash your hair with cold water.

Try these guides and you will be amazed on how your hair will be shiny.