How To Become A Popular And High Paid Footballer In Ghana

Do you have an extra ordinary skill in football? Do you want to become a footballer here in Ghana and make money and fame?

There are lots of talented individuals in Ghana and Africa at large. Young talented guys who can actually give Messi and Ronaldo a run for their fame and money if they exhibit their skill, but because of lack of support and exposure, they have remained in the dark, like they never existed.

It’s disheartening, but you’ll have a better chance of making history if this article is followed to the core.

This is no longer the time to cry for lack of connection, support or exposure. You can connect, support and expose yourself if you implore the right tricks.

Footballers are the highest paid individuals in all professions or careers you can ever think. At the time of writing this article, Messi is currently the highest paid footballer in the world, making £600,000 weekly. That is the lifetime salary of over 80% civil servants in Ghana. But a human like you is making such amount every week.

You don’t even need to be the highest paid in the world, just be the highest paid in your local government and your life will never remain the same. Let’s go in details on how you can become a footballer in Ghana. Not just a footballer, a popular and well paid footballer.



We know why we used the word AWESOME. You really need to be an exception in your skills in football. That is what makes you stand out, helping you create attractions that will consequently lead to sponsorship.

Take a look at folks like Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Sallah etc. They are where they are now, not because they bribed someone, not because the coach was an uncle, but because they can play football. That skill is what attracted coaches to sign them in.

Your skill is your assets and please, improve in them until you become an exception. If you’ve got no skill, no amount of bribe, nepotism, favoritism etc. will get you to the top. After all, at the end, only the exceptional player hit the pitch. Coaches have no time for liabilities.


While having an awesome skill might seem like a good choice, joining a football club in your locality is the first step you must take. They are lots of football club in every region in Ghana, or any country you’re in.

Conduct a research and join the one you feel can help bring out the footballer in you.

Joining a football team helps in honing your football skills, helping you know how to dribble, give an accurate shot, a neat pass and above all, how to manipulate the keeper and score a goal.

By playing in a club, your manager or coach get to understand the wing you’re perfect in. it helps to channel your skills. Joining a football club also help, teaching you how to work like a team in achieving a definite aim.


When playing in a club, exhibiting your enviable skills and talent, it’s only normal to land a contract that will entails playing professionally.

However, you have to be very careful because not all that glitters is gold.

A lot of football players have landed in an ugly rut due to contracts they signed. Becoming a footballer in Ghana is feasible, but you have to be wise and exposed to avoid playing the devils game.

In any contract that’s coming, make sure your lawyer is around. Let him read the contract and interpret what it says. The mistake most players made was usually out of desperation and excitement. They signed without knowing what they are signing. In the end, they wind up in regrets.


Becoming a popular and high paid footballer in Ghana isn’t easy and rosy. It demands hard work and perseverance. It demands being patient and expectant for something good to happen. But if you can scale through, it means a life of fame and financial freedom.

There will come a time when you’ll feel like giving up on your dream. There will also come a time when you feel that this dream can never work out. That is the time you need hope more than anything.

That is why We respect Ronaldo a lot. What he is today is through hard work and perseverance. If he hasn’t disciplined himself, he would have been in a coffee shop somewhere, serving coffee and living a mediocre life.



You have to equip yourself with everything concerning football. Read books, watch football movies like “GALAXY 11”, watch football matches, play soccer games etc. Also, know in details the success story of famous footballers who have made a name for themselves in the industry.


Being in a football club isn’t enough. You need to constantly work on yourself, to improve and advance.

Train, both physically and mentally until both are one. Improve in your dribbling skills and reflexes. We will also advise downloading or watching videos on YouTube. It will help you a lot.

Remember, your success as a footballer is 80% dependent on your skills. Training regularly is the secret of top world footballers.


Perfection doesn’t exist, that however doesn’t mean you should stop fighting for it. The moment you relax back is the moment your dream turn his back on you. Strive to be the best in your local football team.


Nothing turns a manager off than when a player is out of shape. My dear, hit the gym constantly to build stamina and strength. Becoming a footballer in Ghana isn’t easy, but it can be done with determination.


A scout might appear one day to check out what your team are made off. That is an opportunity to land yourself a contract if you succeed in impressing the talent scout. Take note, it’s not about you, it’s about how well you can work as a team.


Becoming a successful footballer in Ghana is a journey, a journey that requires steady steps, training, patient, discipline and focus. It entails sacrifice and if you can do it, making a name in the world if football becomes an easy feat.